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  • Danish Sea Captain Gives Details of ‘escape’ of Israeli Gunboats from Cherbourg

    Details of the famous “escape” of five embargoed Israeli gunboats from Cherbourg, France on Christmas Eve. 1969, were related in an interview with a Danish sea captain published today in the daily Politiken. Capt, Knud Lindholm Petersen said he played a part in the incident which aroused world-wide excitement and the ire of the French… More ▸

  • Clemency for Leningrad 11 Urged by French, Danish, Norwegian, Australian Governments

    The French government, which has had serious differences with Israel over the last three years, has emerged in the forefront of European powers urging clemency for two Russian Jews sentenced to death in Leningrad last week. Such an appeal was conveyed by the French Ambassador in Moscow today to Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. The… More ▸

  • Rabbi Melchior Says Polish Jewish Refugees Streaming into Denmark

    The Chief Rabbi of Denmark said here that the Polish refugees streaming into Denmark would become more Jewish than they had ever been. Declaring that “these were top people in the Polish Government,” Rabbi Bent Melchior added that “they are looking for some kind of identity. It will be difficult for them to identity themselves… More ▸

  • Jewish Youth Group Presents Plaque to Commemorate Danish Rescue of Jews from Nazis

    The North American Jewish Youth Council, coordinating body for 23 national Jewish youth organizations in the United States and Canada, presented a plaque to Consul General G.F.K. Harhoff of Denmark in recognition of the rescue of 7,000 Danish Jews from the Nazis in World War II through the united efforts of the Danish people. The… More ▸

  • Denmark, Sweden Praised for Roles in Saving Jews from Nazis in October, 1943

    Denmark and Sweden were praised here today for their roles in saving Danish Jews from the Nazis in October, 1943. The statement of praise by Mrs. Rose L. Halprin, chairman of the American Section of the World Jewish Congress, was forwarded to both countries through their Washington embassies. At a section meeting here, Mrs. Halprin… More ▸