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  • Israel’s Chief Rabbis Decline to Ease Religious Divorce Laws

    Israel’s chief rabbis have politely refused to do anything to ease the religious divorce laws which often impose severe hardships on women. There is no civil divorce in Israel. The two Chief Rabbis, Avraham Shapiro, Ashkenazic, and Mordechai Eliahu, Sephardic, received a delegation representing women’s organizations today to hear their plea for change. But according… More ▸

  • Divorce Rates Up in Israel

    Divorce rates in Israel have risen to 1.3 per 1,000, resulting in a three-fold increase in single-parent families in the past decade to 12,000 — 89 percent of them headed by women. These statistics were cited by Nitza Ben-Dor, who lectures on social work at Tel Hai College, in an address to a symposium on… More ▸

  • Religious Divorce Bill Signed into Law by New York Governor

    A second effort by New York State Assemblyman Sheldon Silver (D. Man.) to obtain legislative relief for Jewish women refused a religious divorce (“Get”) by their husbands and thereby banned from marrying again succeeded when Governor Mario Cuomo signed the measure into law last night. Both the 1982 and the 1983 bills were approved by… More ▸

  • Kuznetsov and Zalmanson to Divorce

    Eduard Kuznetsov and Sylva Zalmanson, two of the better-known Russian refusniks who came to Israel after years spent in Soviet prisons, have come to an amicable agreement to divorce. The Tel Aviv rabbinical court granted a formal “get” (bill of divorcement) to the couple who made world headlines through Sylva’s efforts to secure her husband’s… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Rabbi Gad Navon, 55. was appointed Monday chief army rabbi. He replaced Mordechai Piron, who took a post in the National Security College. Navon, who was born in Morocco, is the first Sephardi rabbi in this position. He helped find the halachic solutions for allowing “agunot” (war widows), whose husbands’ bodies had not been found,… More ▸

  • Civil Marriage, Divorce Bill Kayoed

    A bill to establish civil marriage and divorce in Israel was struck from the Knesset’s agenda yesterday. Justice Minister Haim Zadok said the bill could not be considered because the government is bound by a status quo on religious matters. Meir Payil, of Moked, who introduced the bill, said that a recent survey by the… More ▸