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  • American Women’s Groups Back Petition for Removal of Religious Disabilities

    At least six major American Jewish women’s organizations will be signatories to a petition addressed to rabbinical authorities all over the world, urging them to assemble to “find the means and interpretations in the Talmud and Codes” of Jewish law that will “overcome the disabilities of Jewish women” in matters concerning marriage, divorce, inheritance and… More ▸

  • Chicago Rabbinical Council Gives Lawyers Manual on Jewish Divorce Procedures

    A manual on Jewish divorce laws has been prepared by a Chicago rabbi for distribution to the 1,700 members of the Decalogue Society of Lawyers here to instruct them on the procedures involved in drawing up a religious divorce. The manual, entitled “A Religious Procedure In Obtaining a Jewish Divorce” was written by Rabbi Moses… More ▸

  • Rabbinical Ruling Ends ‘agunah’ Status, Permits June War Widows to Re-wed

    The Israel Army chaplaincy announced today that all the Israeli soldiers killed in the Six-Day War have been identified, freeing the widows of men previously reported missing but whose bodies had not been identified, of the status of "agunah." Under Jewish religious law, the wife of a missing person is not permitted to remarry. The… More ▸

  • Canadian Jewish Congress Submits Views on Divorce Laws to Parliament

    The Canadian Jewish Congress has submitted a brief to a special parliamentary committee here, considering changes in the commonwealth’s divorce laws, recommending that a new law must do away with the present procedures “which recognize adultery as the sole ground of divorce.” Such a requirement, the CJC stated, is “completely inadequate.” Filing its brief at… More ▸

  • Canadian Jewish Congress Urges Broadening of Divorce Laws

    The Canadian Jewish Congress submitted today a brief to a Parliamentary committee criticizing the fact that most Canadian laws permit divorces only for adultery and suggesting that the laws be broadened. The statement submitted to the Senate and House of Commons said that the goal of such legislation should be “the creation of a sound… More ▸

  • N.c.j.w. Hears Report on Disabilities of Women in Jewish Divorce Law

    Growing numbers of American Jewish women are suffering hardship as a result of disabilities of women in Jewish religious law concerning remarriage and divorce, according to Dr. William Salem Fisher of New York, a rabbi who is an authority on matrimony and divorce. He is a practicing attorney specializing in divorce law. Dr. Fisher reported… More ▸

  • N.Y. Court Rules Woman Can Divorce Husband if He Has a Nazi Past

    The New York State Court of Appeals, highest Judicial body in the state, ruled this weekend that a woman who charged that her husband had had a secret Nazi past was entitled to an annulment of their marriage, if she can prove her allegations. The case involved a petition for annulment by Mrs. Josef Kober,… More ▸

  • Israel Supreme Court Rules Against Rabbinical Court in Divorce Case

    The Israel Supreme Court, in a precedent-establishing decision, today recognized civil marriages performed abroad as contracts that cannot be unilaterally revoked. Previously, civil marriages were viewed as valid only for the purpose of financial claims. The decision came in a divorce case appealed from the Supreme Rabbinical Court. The rabbinical decision had permitted the husband… More ▸

  • Israel Rabbinate Refuses to Recognize Divorce Issued by U.S. Rabbis

    Foreign Minister Golda Meir today demanded a Cabinet ruling over the issue of non-recognition by Israeli rabbinical courts of divorces granted by American Conservative rabbis. The Cabinet empowered Dr. Zerach Warhaftig, Minister for Religious Affairs, to work out an acceptable arrangement on the issue. It is understood that only two cases have occurred in which… More ▸

  • New York Rabbis Request Liberalization of Existing Divorce Law

    A resolution urging liberalization of the divorce law in New York State, which now permits divorces only on the ground of adultery, was adopted here today at the annual meeting of the New York Board of Rabbis. The Board represents Orthodox, Reform and Conservative rabbis in this city and vicinity. Rabbi Max Schenk was elected… More ▸