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  • Raoul Lambert, French-jewish Leader, Deported to Poland from Drancy Camp

    Raoul Lambert, French-Jewish leader who was arrested in Marseilles and interned in the Drancy camp near Paris, was deported last week to Poland, it was learned here today. His family was not permitted to see him off or even to provide him with food and clothing. The German press reaching here today from Berlin complains… More ▸

  • Nazis, Fearing Rout in France, Sell Stolen Jewish Property

    In fear that they will be forced to hurriedly evacuate France in the not too far distant future, members of the German occupation forces are selling property seized from Jews, it is reported in the French underground newspaper, La Voix du Nord, a copy of which was received here today. Other reports reaching here from… More ▸

  • Swiss Consuls Announce They Are Unable to Protect Swiss Jews in France

    Swiss citizens returning from France to Switzerland today stated that the Swiss Consulates in Vichy and in Paris declared that they are no longer able to protect Swiss Jews residing in France, since the German authorities there have announced that they consider them “Jews” rather than Swiss nationals. The Swiss newspaper Le People today reports… More ▸

  • President of Central Jewish Organization in France Charged with Treason

    Raoul Lambert, the president of the Union General Juive de France, the central Jewish body which represents the Jewish population of both the German-administered and the French-administered parts of France, has been charged with treason, it was reliably learned here today. He was arrested together with his family several weeks ago in Marseilles and is… More ▸

  • Jews in Former Italian-held France Conscripted for Work on Nazi Fortifications

    French police, acting on the orders of the German military authorities, are rounding up for forced labor all foreign Jews between 18 and 50 and all French Jews between 20 and 30 residing in the former Italian-held section of France, it is reported here today. These Jews are to be sent to build fortifications under… More ▸

  • German Dive Bombers Attack Boats Carrying Jews Fleeing Italy

    German dive bombers frustrated attempts by Jewish refugees in Italy to flee by sea to Allied ports, the Deutsche Nachrichten Bureau, a German news agency, reported today. A reliable report reaching here today from France confirms the news that Raoul Lambert and Andre Baur, two leaders of the Jews in France, have been arrested. Lambert… More ▸

  • Gestapo Arrests President of Central Jewish Organization in France

    Raoul Lambert, Jewish leader and president of the central Jewish organization of French Jews permitted to exist under the Vichy regime, was arrested by German occupation authorities in Marseille with his family, it was learned here today. Andre Baur, vice-president of the same organization, was also arrested. More than 10,000 Jewish children are wandering through… More ▸

  • Nazis, Fearing Mass Flight of Jews from France to Italy, Resume Raids

    Anticipating that many Jews will attempt to flee from France to Italy, Nazi authorities throughout France have resumed rounding up Jews and have confined thousands of them in the Drancy concentration camp which is under the supervision of the notorious Gestapo leader Heinrich Brunner, who was in charge of “de-Judaising” the city of Vienna. A… More ▸

  • Deportation of Jews from France to Germany Resumed; New Raids in Paris Streets

    The deportation of Jews from the internment camp at Drancy, near Paris, was resumed last week, with 3,000 of them being sent to Germany for forced labor, it is reported in the London press today. The report states that camp officials received an order from the Nazi occupation authorities to send several thousand Jewish internees… More ▸