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  • French Jews Appeal to United Nations to Save Them; Deportations Continue

    A desperate appeal to the United Nations from Jews in France, beseeching the Allies-on the eve of the Bermuda Conference on refugees-to take urgent action to save the Jewish population in the country, which, the appeal says, has been reduced to one-tenth of the pre-war figure, reached here today. Emphasizing that the liquidation of French… More ▸

  • Gestapo Rounding-up All Jews in France, Many Thousands Deported Eastward

    A country-wide drive to round-up and deport every Jew in France – whether of French or of foreign birth – has been launched by the Gestapo, and Nazi raiding units are pulling people off the streets, raiding homes and communal offices and threatening non-Jews with dire punishment for concealing Jewish children or adults, according to… More ▸

  • Young Brutal Nazi Appointed Dictator over All Jews in Occupied France

    A young Nazi named Doncher has been appointed over lord in charge of the Jews in occupied France, according to a report released here today by the Free French. “Even generals grovel in front of him,” the report says. “Doncher personally and arbitrarily decides on arrests, imprisonments, discharges from hospitals. His record contains a frightful… More ▸

  • Census of Jews in French North African Colony Will Be Concluded April 30

    A census of all foreign or naturalized Jews who entered Algeria after Jan. 1, 1936 is in progress and will be concluded April 30, it was announced here today. A similar census has already been taken in other French possessions. The Pariser Zeitung today carries a report of the arrest of a Jew, Meyer Waijbort,… More ▸

  • 1,700 Dying Jews Released from Nazi Camp in France Because of Epidemics

    Epidemics which threatened to exterminate the 5,000 Jews interned at Drancy, the “camp of the living dead,” in Nazi-held France, were responsible for the release from internment of about 1,700 men during the month of November, according to authoritative information received here. Virtually all those released were seriously ill and were hastily set at liberty… More ▸

  • Vichy to Establish Ghettos; Arrests of Jews in Paris Continue Unabated

    Nazi-controlled Belgian newspapers reaching here today report that the French Ministry of Interior in Vichy announced that ghettos for Jews will be established in France in the very near future. The Jews will be isolated in special districts and will be permitted to maintain their own schools and hospitals, the report states. The Paris correspondent… More ▸

  • 6,000 Jews Arrested in Paris Sent to Labor Camps

    The 6,000 Jews arrested in Paris this week during a gigantic house-to-house raid in the Jewish section of the city were today sent to labor camps. At the same time the authorities in Paris today officially announced that owners of houses, flats and buildings having Jewish tenants who have not returned to Paris are given… More ▸

  • Raids on Jews in Paris Continue After Arrest of 6,000

    Raids on Jews all over Paris today followed the arrest of 6,000 Jews there yesterday in a round-up by German troops and French police, and the execution of a Jew named Samuel Tyszelmen and a Frenchman named Henri Gautherot, as a result of the recent anti-Nazi demonstrations at various Paris railway stations. Yesterday’s arrests were… More ▸