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  • Non-profit CEO salaries are up

    Despite all the talk that charities are in trouble because of the weakening economy and layoffs at non-profits, it does not yet appear that the people running those organizations are hurting. According to a study released Aug. 1 by, the CEOs of non-profits actually saw an increase in salaries last year. Overall, the average… More ▸

  • As Dead Sea Shrinks, Concerns for Future Grow

    The beach at the Ein Gedi Spa at the Dead Sea would seem like an ideal place for a little R&R amid the frenzy of modern Israel. Set in the quiet of the desert, it has stunning views of Jordan’s mountains and its therapeutic waters reputedly do wonders for the complexion. There’s only one problem… More ▸

  • Red Sea-dead Sea Canal Stirs Environmental Objections

    On aerial photographs, the shrinking Dead Sea juts into the surrounding desert landscape like a blue index finger. As part of the effort to prevent this finger from becoming a mere smudge on the map by 2050, the World Bank is conducting a $14 million study into the practicalities of building a channel to bring… More ▸

  • Save Dead Sea by Restoring Jordan River, Not by Red Sea Channel

    Environmentalists in Israel and the Middle East have a clear vision on how to save the Dead Sea, which has been losing 850 million cubic meters per year thanks to water diversion upstream and mineral extraction at the sea. This vision sees fresh water flowing again into the Dead Sea from the Jordan River, arresting… More ▸

  • YU takes aim at a recession-proof billion dollar campaign

    My colleague Ben Harris has an interesting profile on Yeshiva University President Richard Joel. Under Joel, who came to Y.U. in 2003 after serving as the president of Hillel for 14 years, the university’s fund raising has absolutely skyrocketed. Its budget has tripled since 2006, including a $100 million gift from fertilizer magnate Ronald Stanton,… More ▸

  • News Brief

    One of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s deputies made a rare claim that Iran feels friendship toward Israel. “Today Iran is friendly with the peoples of America and Israel,” Esfandiyar Rahim Masha’i, Iran’s vice president in charge of tourism and cultural affairs, said Sunday. “No people in the world is our enemy and this is a source of… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Tourists in Israel can now turn to a free, round-the-clock emergency telephone helpline. The Tourism Ministry on Sunday launched “Tourphone,” a hotline operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and reachable by dialing *3888 from any phone in Israel. Through the new service, tourists can receive answers to questions regarding entry and… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Israel plans to hold a record number of international conferences this year. By the end of 2008, Israel will have hosted 83 professional and academic conferences with more than 18,000 participants, the Tourism Ministry in Jerusalem said this week. It will be a record figure, which the Tourism Ministry said it wants to double in… More ▸

  • Falling dollar woes strike religious institutions in Israel

    According to the Jerusalem Post story, a new report says that the falling dollar has cost religious institutions in Israel some 350 million shekels. (Or what used to be $90 million but is now more than $100 million.) From the story: The survey is based on data from more than 80 haredi charity organizations such… More ▸