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  • Ecuador Studying Case of Refugees Detained After Arrival by Air from Europe

    Twenty-eight Jewish refugees who were detained at Guayaquil on Wednesday when they landed from a Belgian overseas plane have ## released on bond furnished by the HIAS, it was learned today. Ten of the arrivals had Ecuadorean visas and 18 had Colombian entry permits. ## authorities are challenging the validity of the Ecuadorean visas, whith… More ▸

  • Ecuador Govt. Assures Jewish Congress Republic’s Doors Open to Immigrants

    The World Jewish Congress today announced that it has received assurances from the Ecuador Government that a recently promulgated new law on foreigners, extradition and naturalization will not bar the door to desirable immigrants on the basis of race, creed or religion. In an exchange of correspondence with James Kuterman Wise of the Congress. San… More ▸

  • Ecuador Bars Naturalization of Aliens; Move is Reversal of Former Liberal Policy

    The government of Ecuador will no longer grant citizenship to aliens, except in special cases, according to a directive issued by the office of President Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra. The order says that aliens will enjoy all rights, except the franchise and other political privileges. It is a reversal of the previous policy enunciated by… More ▸

  • Ecuador Urged to Admit 500 Jewish Children; Hicem Requested to Post $100,000 Bond

    Attorney General Alfredo Perez Guerrero has recommended to the Ecuadorean Government that it admit 500 Jewish children from Europe, provided that the Hias-Ica Emigration Association, which has requested the admission of the young refugees, posts a bond of $100,000 to guarantee that the children will not become public charges. This sum would be returned at… More ▸

  • Anti-semitic Agitation by “clandestine Nazis” in Ecuador Assailed by Prominent Journalist

    A sharp attack on the increased anti-Semitic agitation in this country has been made in the well known Guayaquil newspaper “El Universo,” by Leopoldo Benitez, prominent columnist and a representative of journalists in the last National Assembly. He charges that “clandestine Nazi agitators” are spreading the anti-Jewish propeganda. Reviewing the recent demand by the Quito… More ▸

  • Quito Businessmen Ask Collective Fine on Jews; Want All Jewish Stores Closed

    A demand by the Quito chamber of commerce at all Jewish shops be closed and a collective fine of $150,000 levelled upon the Jewish population of Ecuador to make good the losses suffered by the creditors of a Jewish businessman, Natan Lewin, has been rejected by Minister of the Government Dr. Carlos Guevara Moreno. Dr…. More ▸

  • Quito Paper Hails N. Y. Anti-bias Law; Cites Similar Provision in Ecuadoren Constitution

    The adoption by New York State of legislation barring discrimination in employment has aroused considerable interest and editorial reaction here. The influential newspaper El Dia, in an editorial commenting on the JTA dispatch reporting the new law, points out that a similar provision is in the recently adopted Ecuadorean constitution, although little publicity has been… More ▸

  • President of Ecuador Says His Country Will Welcome Jewish Immigrants from Europe

    Jews from European countries will be admitted without difficulty to Ecuador, President Dr. Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra today told Leon Gruszko, special correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “While I am President,” President Ibarra said, “the doors of Ecuador will be opened to every honest foreigner, regardless of race or religion. Jews who wish to… More ▸