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  • Quito Paper Hails N. Y. Anti-bias Law; Cites Similar Provision in Ecuadoren Constitution

    The adoption by New York State of legislation barring discrimination in employment has aroused considerable interest and editorial reaction here. The influential newspaper El Dia, in an editorial commenting on the JTA dispatch reporting the new law, points out that a similar provision is in the recently adopted Ecuadorean constitution, although little publicity has been… More ▸

  • President of Ecuador Says His Country Will Welcome Jewish Immigrants from Europe

    Jews from European countries will be admitted without difficulty to Ecuador, President Dr. Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra today told Leon Gruszko, special correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “While I am President,” President Ibarra said, “the doors of Ecuador will be opened to every honest foreigner, regardless of race or religion. Jews who wish to… More ▸

  • Jewish Refugees in Ecuador Concerned over New Regulations for Immigrants

    Two recent government directives ordering stricter control over immigrants are causing much concern among the 5,000 European refugees here, the majority of whom are Jewish. On the occasion of Ecuador’s declaration of war against Japan, Minister of Government Carlos Gueverra Moreno sent a letter to the newly-appointed Director of Immigration, Ramiro Borja y Borja, asking… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups in Ecuador Negotiating for Admission of Jewish Orphans from Europe

    Jewish organizations here are negotiating for the admission of several hundred Jewish orphans from Europe, it was learned today. In view of the government’s recent decision to admit 300 orphans being cared for in different European countries by the Unitarian Service Committee, it is expected that it will approve immigration of a limited number of… More ▸

  • Ecuador Preparing New Immigration Law; Will Grant Privileges to Settlers on Farms

    The Ecuadoran government is preparing a new immigration law to spur settling of the sparsely-populated country in order to raise its productivity and help solve its knotty economic problems, it was learned here today. The new law would grant substantial privileges to immigrants, many of whom are expected from European countries, if they settle as… More ▸

  • Ecuador Will Admit Jewish Refugees, Foreign Minister Tells JTA Director

    Ecuador will admit Jewish refugees and has instructed its consuls abroad to issue visas to all “Jews of good character” who wish to come here, it was stated yesterday by Foreign Minister Camilo ponce in the course of an interview with Jacob Landau, managing director of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Mr. Ponce said that he… More ▸

  • Anti-semites in Ecuador Biame Jews for Cure on Food Speculation

    Anti-Semitic propagandists in Ecuador are using the small tradesmen’s resentment of certain government food regulations to stir up anti-Jewish feelings. Following the appointment of Juan Wurfel, an Austrian non-Jew, as director of food supplies to combat the shortage of essential food commodities and curb rising prices, a leaflet was distributed in Quito charging that Wurfel… More ▸

  • Paraguay Permits Free Entry of Jews from Europe; Venezuela, Ecuador Admit Refugees

    The Government of Paraguay, responding to an appeal of the Hias-Ica Emigration Association, agreed to permit the free entry of Jewish refugees from Europe without limiting the number involved, it was announced today by Max Gottschalk, president of the Association. The announcement said that president Medina Angarita of Venezuela has similarly authorized the Venezuelan Government… More ▸

  • New President of Ecuador Scores Anti-semitism; Lauds Contributions of Jews

    A “Christian and liberal nation” cannot tolerate anti-Semitic activities, Dr. Velasco Ibarra, new provisional president of Ecuador, stated here at a press conference during which he discussed the problems facing his regime. Admitting that he had encountered some anti-Jewish prejudice in Ecuador, Dr. Ibarra said “anti-Semitism is inhuman and un-Christian, and does not jibe with… More ▸

  • Ecuador, Satisfied with Refugees, May Open Its Doors for Post-war Immigration

    The hope that Ecuador would receive free immigration from Europe was expressed yesterday in a speech before the council of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration by S. E. Duran Ballen, Ecuadorian consul-general at New York and his country’s delegate here. Duran Bellen said he hoped that “such inhuman expressions as ‘refugees seeking protection’… More ▸