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  • Equador Eases Immigration Curbs for Farmers, Industrialists

    A new immigration law which provides for a substantial reduction in the amount of landing deposit required from immigrants has been adopted by the National Assembly as a result of the improvement of Equador’s economic position, which is attributed to the influx of Jewish and other immigrants from Europe. The new law permits unrestricted immigration… More ▸

  • Equador Ready to Receive Jewish Farm Workers, Minister Asseris

    Equador is ready to admit Jewish agricultural workers as full-fledged immigrants, Foreign Minister Julio Tobar Domoso declared in discussing Jewish problems with Dr. A. Juris, representative of the Jewish Agency, who arrived here in the course of a South American tour. The Foreign Minister assured Dr. Juris that at the forthcoming peace conference the Equadorian… More ▸

  • Ecuador Puts Ban on Entry of All Aliens

    A sweeping ban designed to prohibit the entry of all aliens seeking to establish residence in Ecuador was announced by the Government today. The Foreign Office, in a circular letter addressed to all Ecuador consuls and consular agents in foreign countries, ordered them to abstain from issuing permanent visas to aliens. The reasons for the… More ▸

  • Paraguay, Ecuador Offer Land for Refugee Settlement

    It was reliably learned today that representatives of the Paraguayan and Ecuadoran governments have approached Sir Herbert Emerson, League of Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and director of the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee, with offers to admit ten thousand refugee families to Ecuador and 5,000 to Paraguay. Both governments have declared they would welcome commissions of… More ▸

  • Report Ecuador Offers Land for Refugee Settlement Project

    Two representatives of the Ecuador Government have arrived here with a project to settle 200 married and 300 single refugees on Government land, it was learned today. The scheme will probably be transmitted to President Roosevelt’s Advisory Committee on Political Refugees in New York for investigation. The project requires an investment of $500,000 and stipulates… More ▸

  • Ecuador Welcomes Immigrants Aiding Her Economy, Ruler Declares

    The Ecuadorean Republic repudiates Nazi and racial philosophies and welcomes all immigrants who aid her economy, Col. Alberto Enriquez, head of Ecuador’s provisional military government, has declared. Replying to an appeal telegraphed by Bertha Singerman, Argentine Jewish diseuse, for revocation of an order for deportation of several hundred Jews, Col. Enriquez stated in a telegram… More ▸

  • Ecuador Rescinds Order Ousting 300 Jews

    The Government of Ecuador, South America, has rescinded its order for expulsion of several hundred Jews, it was announced here today by HIAS-ICA, Jewish emigrant aid and colonization association. The order, in the form of a presidential decree, had been aimed at immigrants who failed to settle on farms as stipulated in their special entry… More ▸

  • Ecuador Decree Aimed at Non-farmers

    The presidential decree ordering the expulsion of Jews not engaged in agricultural or industrial activities beneficial to Ecuador is aimed at colonists who failed to settle on farms as stipulated in their special entry permits, the New York Times reported today from Quayaquil. The Times said 300 were in this category, but The Day quoted… More ▸

  • Ecuador’s Army Regime Orders All Alien Jews but Farmers Ousted

    All alien Jews in Ecuador not engaged in farming have been given thirty days in which to leave the country, under a decree by the provisional military government of Colonel Alberto Enriquez, the Associated Press reported from Quito today. Hundreds of Jews permitted to colonize in Ecuador to escape persecution in Central Europe entered business… More ▸