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  • Ecuador Rescinds Order Ousting 300 Jews

    The Government of Ecuador, South America, has rescinded its order for expulsion of several hundred Jews, it was announced here today by HIAS-ICA, Jewish emigrant aid and colonization association. The order, in the form of a presidential decree, had been aimed at immigrants who failed to settle on farms as stipulated in their special entry… More ▸

  • Ecuador Decree Aimed at Non-farmers

    The presidential decree ordering the expulsion of Jews not engaged in agricultural or industrial activities beneficial to Ecuador is aimed at colonists who failed to settle on farms as stipulated in their special entry permits, the New York Times reported today from Quayaquil. The Times said 300 were in this category, but The Day quoted… More ▸

  • Ecuador’s Army Regime Orders All Alien Jews but Farmers Ousted

    All alien Jews in Ecuador not engaged in farming have been given thirty days in which to leave the country, under a decree by the provisional military government of Colonel Alberto Enriquez, the Associated Press reported from Quito today. Hundreds of Jews permitted to colonize in Ecuador to escape persecution in Central Europe entered business… More ▸

  • Ecuador Raises Immigrant Deposit Requirement

    The Government has raised the immigrant’s deposit requirement from $50 to $250, effective May 31, according to an announcement by the immigration authorities. Statistics gathered by the local representative of the HIAS-ICA Emigration Association show that 272 Jews entered Ecuador in the first three months of 1937, 237 of them from Europe and the rest… More ▸

  • “fairy Tales,” Ecuador President Says

    Berlin reports that Germany is negotiating for a part in the economic exploitation of Ecuador’s resources were described today by President Frederico Paez as “fairy tales invented by newspapermen lacking real news,” the Havas News Agency reported. “There have been talks between Berlin and Quito regarding concessions to facilitate payments on purchases made from Germany,… More ▸

  • Germany Reported Seeking Economic Foothold in Ecuador

    Germany is negotiating with Ecuador for a part in the economic exploitation of that country’s resources, it was reported here today, according to the Havas News Agency. German efforts to get a foothold in Ecuador are already far advanced, it was said German experts are in the country studying plans for modernizing the port facilities… More ▸

  • Hicem Warns Against Emigration to Ecuador

    A warning against “the dangerous illusions which might arise among the Jewish population in the countries of emigration owing to misleading reports about the possibilities of immigration and colonization in Ecuador” has been issued by the HIAS-ICA Emigration Association (HICEM). The statement avers that “possibilities in Ecuador are practically nil,” giving the following reasons for… More ▸

  • Set to Clear Land in Ecuador Refugee Project

    Spurred by the premature arrival of a number of German-Jewish refugees, the committee planning the settlement of exiles on the more than 1,000,000 acres ceded by the Ecuadorean Government has brought to a close more than a year and a half of planning and is about to begin actual construction of roads, building of homes… More ▸

  • Shitlowski Clarifies Aspects of Ecuador Project

    The situation regarding proposed settlement of Jews in Ecuador is clarified in a letter received by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today from the Comite Internacional de Inmigracion in Quito over the signatures of Samuel Shitlowski, president of the special mission; Francis Hart, member of the mission; and the secretary of the committee. The letter reads… More ▸

  • Ecuador Scheme Held Up by Lack of Funds, Political Changes

    The plans for colonizing Jews in Ecuador are being held up by lack of requisite funds and the recent political upheaval during which a military dictatorship was established in Ecuador, according to an advance report received by the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society from its Paris office and made public today. “We had a… More ▸