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  • Prominent German Cleric Urges Formal Diplomatic Relations with Israel

    Dean Heinrich Grueber, Berlin Evangelical churchman who testified for the prosecution in the Adolf Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, said last night it was a “shame” that the West German Government continued to withhold diplomatic recognition of Israel. Dean Grueber expressed that opinion in a discussion here of the significance of the Eichmann trial for Israel-West… More ▸

  • Judaism Council Studies Eichmann Trial; Seeks Effect on Rights of U.S. Jews

    A national lawyers committee to study whether there has been any legal impairment of “the rights and political status” of American Jews as a result of the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem has been set up by the American Council for Judaism. Clarence Coleman, Jr., president of the anti-Zionist group, said that the… More ▸

  • Israel’s Supreme Court Rejects Motion to Hear New Eichmann Witnesses

    The panel of five Supreme Court Justices hearing Adolf Eichmann’s appeal from a sentence of death by hanging rejected today his defense attorney’s request to present new witnesses and adjourned the hearing to begin consideration of a ruling. The Justices acted after hearing the final plea by Dr. Robert Servatius for annulment or mitigation of… More ▸

  • Israel Prosecutor Urges Supreme Court to Reject Eichmann’s Appeal

    Attorney Gen. Gideon Hausner today concluded his rebuttal to the defense of Eichmann’s appeal against his death sentence, presented by the Nazi’s defense counsel Dr. Robert Servatius, with a request to the five-justice panel of the Supreme Court to reject Eichmann’s appeal. “Let it be said in Jerusalem clearly and unequivocally that whoever embarks on… More ▸

  • Attorney General Completes His Rebuttal Today on Eichmann Appeal

    The five-man Supreme Court panel hearing Adolf Eichmann’s appeal from his sentence of death by hanging adjourned today until tomorrow morning after hearing prosecutor Gideon Hausner complete most of his rebuttal of the Nazi’s case for reconsideration of the death sentence. The Attorney General, who said he would need only about 30 minutes tomorrow to… More ▸

  • Attorney General Asks Supreme Court to Reject Eichmann’s Appeal

    Slashing at every contention entered on appeal by the defense counsel for Adolf Eichmann, Attorney General Gideon Hausner today requested Israel’s five-man Supreme Court panel–before which Eichmann is trying to save himself from hanging–to reject all the defense claims and uphold the judgment of guilty handed down last December by the District Court here. Pounding… More ▸

  • Eichmann Appeal Challenges Israel Jurisdiction; Cites Human Rights

    Dr. Robert Servatius, opening his legal fight to save Adolf Eichmann from the gallows, asked the five-man tribunal hearing the Nazi’s appeal today to call Dr. Hans Globke, State Secretary to West German Chancellor Kanrad Adenauer, as an “expert witness” on the Nazi era. The West German attorney opened his argument at the first day… More ▸

  • Israel Supreme Court to Start Hearing on Eichmann’s Appeal Today

    The curtain will rise tomorrow in Community Hall here on one of the final scenes in the drama of former Gestapo colonel Adolf Eichmann–his appeal from his sentence of death. The Nazi was sentenced last December 15 after being convicted of having had a key role in the Nazi wartime slaughter of 6,000,000 Jewish men,… More ▸

  • Yugoslav Newspapers Insist on Extradition of Artukovich from U.S.

    Yugoslav newspapers have begun a new campaign demanding the extradition from the United States of Andrija Artukovich, called “the Eichmann of Yugoslavia,” who lives now in Los Angeles, according to a report from Belgrade received here today. Borba and other leading Belgrade newspapers are also demanding that other “murders of Jews” now residing freely in… More ▸

  • Israel Lifts Ban on Text of Eichmann’s Appeal; Defense Raises 96 Points

    Dr. Robert Servatius, chief of Adolf Eichmann’s defense, wants the Israel Supreme Court, which will begin hearing Eichmann’s appeal from the death sentence on March 22, to permit him to call 16 witnesses–among whom he listed the late Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first President; Moshe Sharett, former Prime Minister and ex-Foreign Minister; and Minister of… More ▸