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  • Israel Supreme Court Names Justices to Hear Eichmann’s Appeal

    Justices Shimon Agranat, Moshe Silberg, Yoel Sussman and Alfred Witkon were named today by the Israel Supreme Court to hear the appeal by former Gestapo Col. Adolf Eichmann against his sentence of death for his key role in the Nazi wartime slaughter of 6, 000, 000 Jews in Europe. Justice Itzhak Olshan, president of the… More ▸

  • Eichmann’s Lawyer Asks Supreme Court to Call 15 New Witnesses

    West German attorney Robert Servatius, defense counsel for Adolf Eichmann, has asked the Supreme Court to call 15 new witnesses, including Israeli Justice Minister Dov Joseph, Jewish Agency chairman Moshe Sharett, Israeli diplomat Ehud Avriel and Yoel Brand, for the hearing beginning March 22 on the appeal against the death sentence handed down against Eichmann… More ▸

  • Eichmann’s Aide Faces Trial in Vienna for Killing 30, 000 Jews

    Officials announced here today that former SS Major Hermann Hoefle, 47, who was arrested last year in Salzburg on charges of having participated in the slaughter of 30, 000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, will be brought to Vienna for trial. Hoefle, who was an aide to former Nazi colonel Adolf Eichmann, lived for years… More ▸

  • Exhibition on Eichmann Trial Opened at Israeli Legation in Warsaw

    An exhibition devoted to the Eichmann trial has been opened at the Israeli legation in Warsaw, it was reported today from the Polish capital. The exhibits depict the martyrdom of the Jewish population in the countries occupied by the Nazis and the role played by Eichmann in the mass annihilation of the Jews. More ▸

  • Vienna Court Dismisses Charges Against Former Aide of Eichmann

    Alfred Josef Slawik, a former aide of Adolf Eichmann when the latter was in Budapest to direct the deportation of Hungarian Jewry to Nazi death camps, was freed today by the Vienna Provincial Court when the court dismissed charges he helped Eichmann murder a Jewish boy in Budapest during World War H. Slawik was arrested… More ▸

  • Sen. Javits Speaks on Eichmann Trial in Senate; Stresses Its Significance

    Senator-Jacob Javits of New York, in a speech today on the Senate floor, called Israel’s trial of Adolf Eichmann “one of the most historic events of our time” and predicted “it will be studied for many decades as a landmark in the efforts of mankind to bring about a rule of law to replace a… More ▸

  • Catholic Church in Spain Acts to Eradicate Prejudice Against Jews

    For the first time in centuries, the Catholic Church in Spain is taking concrete steps to improve relations between Catholics and Jews, it was revealed here today by Max Mazin, president of the Madrid Jewish Community. As a result of disclosures during the Adolf Eichmann trial in Israel, indicating that many Nazis, pro-Nazis and former… More ▸

  • German Publisher Issues Defense Summation in Eichmann Trial

    The publishing house of Harrag Verlag, at Bad Kreuznach, today published the defense summation on the Adolf Eichmann trial at Jerusalem. The summation had been delivered by the chief of Eichmann’s counsel. Dr. Robert Servatius, of Cologne. It was reported here that Dr. Servatius had had difficulty finding a German publisher willing to issue his… More ▸

  • Germans Equally Divided on Holding Eichmann’s Trial in Israel or Germany

    A public opinion poll conducted by a German polling organization in West Germany and West Berlin has shown that Germans were about equally divided in their opinions as to whether Adolf Eichmann should have been tried in Israel or in Germany, the World Jewish Congress announced here today. An analysis of the poll, in which… More ▸

  • Judge Who Presided at Nuremberg Trials Hails Eichmann Sentence at Yivo

    More than 2,000 people, assembled at the opening session of the 36th annual conference of the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research, last night heard Justice Michael A. Musmanno, of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, hailing the Eichmann sentence as “the most significant advance made since the Nuremberg trials to restore dignity to every human being, and… More ▸