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  • Argentine Police Identify 20 Members of Neo-nazi Terrorist Group

    Twenty men suspected of being members of a neo-Nazi gang with whom police exchanged shots last week near the group’s hide-out in a wooded area 30 miles from this capital have been identified and are now sought by federal police, Minister of the Interior Juan S. Palmero declared here yesterday. He said there were indications… More ▸

  • Verdicts on Two Eichmann Aides Evoke Protests As Too Lenient

    A storm of protest throughout West Germany marked today the Frankfurt court verdicts handed down yesterday against two former SS aides to Adolf Eichmann, one of whom was acquitted. The two, former SS Lt. Col. Herman Krumey and former SS Capt. Otto Hursche, were charged with helping Eichmann to send hundreds of thousands of Hungarian… More ▸

  • German Official in U.S. Says Prosecution of Nazis Will Continue

    A spokesman for the West German Government here asserted today that application of the statute of limitations on prosecution of Nazi war criminals next May would not automatically end all prosecutions of such criminals in West Germany after that date. Joseph J. Thomas, director of the West German Information Center in New York, made the… More ▸

  • Eichmann’s Key Aide Sentenced in Germany to Hard Labor; One Freed

    Hermann Krumey, Adolf Eichmann’s key aide in the wartime deportation of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews, was sentenced here today to five years at hard labor on charges of complicity in the deportation. The former SS lieutenant colonel has been in prison for five years in pre-trial detention. His trial here lasted 10 months…. More ▸

  • Prosecution Demands Life Sentences for Two Eichmann Aides

    The prosecution in the trial of two former wartime aides of Adolf Eichmann in Hungary, Hermann Krumey and Otto Hunsche, demanded today life sentences for both SS officers. Sentences will be pronounced in two weeks. They were charged with complicity in the transportation of 300,000 Hungarian Jews to death camps and with extorting huge ransom… More ▸

  • Frankfurt Trial of Two Eichmann’s Aides Adjourns; Prosecutor is Ill

    The war crimes trial of two SS officers who served as aides to Adolf Eichmann during the Nazi occupation of Hungary was postponed today when the prosecutor became ill during proceedings and was unable to continue. The defendants are former Lt. Col. Hermann Krumey and former Col. Otto Hunsche, charged with the deportation of hundreds… More ▸

  • Austrians Protest Against Mild Sentence of Eichmann’s Aide in Vienna

    The Organization of the Austrian Resistance Movement today protested to the Ministry of Justice against the light sentence meted out last week to Franz Novak, who had been sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment after a long trial for the mass murder of several hundred thousand Hungarian Jews. Novak, who was Eichmann’s transport officer in Budapest… More ▸

  • Trial of Eichmann’s Aide in Vienna Ends; Verdict Expected Thursday

    The court trying former Eichmann aide Franz Novak for war crimes in occupied Hungary ended today the hearing of evidence after 17 days and announced that a verdict would be handed down Thursday. Novak is charged with complicity in the transport of thousands of Jews to the Auschwitz death camp and with specific death orders… More ▸

  • Budapest Jewish Leader Testifies Against Eichmann’s Aide in Vienna

    A former member of the Budapest Jewish Council who negotiated several times with Franz Novak testified today at the former Gestapo officer’s trial here that Novak certainly knew of the fate of those he helped to send to the Auschwitz death camp as Adolph Eichmann’s transport officer. Philip Von Freudiger, whose duties in 1944 included… More ▸

  • Jewish Victim of Auschwitz Testifies at Trial of Camp Guards

    Rudolf Vrba, the first man to give the world an eyewitness account of the mass murder at the Auschwitz concentration camp when he escaped from there in 1944, testified today at the trial of 22 Auschwitz guards charged with war crimes, Mr. Vrba, a Czech Jew who was born Walter Rosenberg, corroborated the testimony by… More ▸