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  • Camp Inmates Testify Against Eichmann’s Aide at Vienna Trial

    The claim by Franz Novak, former SS officer and transport officer under the late Adolf Eichmann, that he did not know that the Auschwitz concentration camp had been in fact a death factory for the murder of millions of Jews, was disputed today in the court where Novak is being tried on charges of aiding… More ▸

  • Eichmann’s Aide Pleads ‘not Guilty'; Sent Hungarian Jews to Death

    Franz Novak, an SS transportation officer who was a principal aide to the late Adolf Eichmann, pleaded not guilty a second time here today as his trial proceeded on charges of having issued at least 1,000 orders for the deportation of Hungarian Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz during World War II. He pleaded not… More ▸

  • Trial of Eichmann’s Aide Opened in Vienna; Sent Jews to Death Camps

    Franz Novak, the former SS officer who aided Adolf Eichmann in the annihilation of 6, 000, 000 European Jews, went on trial here today for his war crimes. In a 70-page indictment, Novak was accused of cooperating with Eichmann in the “final solution” of the Jewish question. The prosecutor charged that Novak was guilty of… More ▸

  • Eichmann Aides to Face Austrian Trials for Murder of Jews

    Viennese officials announced today that trials of two former aides of Adolf Eichmann will start here this month on war crimes charges. Franz Nowak, charged with participating in the slaughter of Hungarian Jews as an aide to Eichmann, will go on trial on November 16. Erich Rajakovich, another former member of the Eichmann staff, charged… More ▸

  • Gestapo Officer, Eichmann Pal, Goes on Trial for Killing 3, 000

    Albert Rapp, the 45-year-old former Gestapo officer who headed the notorious special 7-A Nazi extermination squad, went on trial here today for the murder of 3, 000 Jews, Gypsies and Russians, many of them women and children, in the Klincy region of Russia during the Second World War. Rapp, who was a close friend of… More ▸

  • Franz Novak, Eichmann Aide, to Stand War Crimes Trial in Vienna

    One of the biggest war crimes trials in Austria since the end of World War II will open November 1 when Franz Novak, former aide of Adolf Eichmann, will go on trial on charges of participating in the deportation of some 400, 000 Hungarian Jews. Documents against Novak fill 25 volumes, in addition to testimony… More ▸

  • Jewish Religious Textbooks Found Lacking Information on Nazi Era

    The Jewish Community Relations Council here today reported that a study of textbooks used by Jewish religious schools in Philadelphia showed that students there have very little awareness and understanding of the Hitler era and the full meaning of Nazism and the swastika. As a result, the JCRC will seek to produce a study guide… More ▸

  • Ex-nazi Tells German Court of Efforts to Save 1,700 Jews

    Kurt Becher, a former Nazi SS colonel who is now a prosperous Bremen merchant, told a Frankfurt court here today that Hermann Krumey, a wartime aide of mass murderer Adolf Eichmann, had sought to rescue as many Jews as possible from the Nazi’s annihilation program. Testifying at the trial of Krumey and Otto Hunsche, another… More ▸

  • Two of Four Germans Never Heard of Auschwitz Trial Now in 9th Month

    A public opinion poll on the attitude of West Germans towards the current trial here of former guards and officials of the Auschwitz death camp revealed today that two out of every four Germans surveyed had never heard of the trial. Among those who were aware of the proceedings, 39 per cent said they were… More ▸

  • Rabbi Testifies at Nazi Trial on Appeal to Christians to Save Jews

    A one-time Budapest rabbi told a court trying two former aides of Adolf Eichmann here yesterday how he made a desperate effort to influence Hungarian church leaders to oppose the mass deportations of Hungarian Jews to Nazi death camps. The witness was Dr. Fabian Hershkovitz, now director of the Department of Culture in Tel Aviv…. More ▸