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  • Tel Aviv Jew Testifies at Trial of Eichmann’s Aides in Germany

    A survivor of the Nazi mass slaughter of Hungarian Jews told a court here yesterday that Herman Krumey, one of Adolf Eichmann’s principal aides in Nazi-held Hungary, personally selected victims for gassing in Auschwitz. Siegmund Leb, now a Tel Aviv businessman, testified in the trial of Krumey and former SS.Lt. Col. Otto Hunsche, another Eichmann… More ▸

  • Hungarian Jew Testifies He Paid $280, 000 to Nazi Now on Trial in Germany

    The first witness in the trial of two of the key aides of Adolf Eichmann during the Hungarian occupation testified yesterday that he paid $280, 000 to defendant Hermann Krumey and in return received immunity passes. Julius Link told of the extortion to the court trying former SS Colonel Krumey and former SS Lt. Col…. More ▸

  • Two Eichmann Aides Go on Trial for Mass Murder of Hungarian Jews

    After eight years of investigations, two of the late Adolf Eichmann’s principal aides finally went on trial here today charged with murder, complicity in murder, criminal extortion and participation in the deportation of 437, 000 Hungarian Jews, about 300, 000 of whom were annihilated in the gas ovens at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The accused are former SS… More ▸

  • Nazi Forced Jews to Sing on Way to Gas Chambers, Witness Testifies

    A description of how Jewish victims at Auschwitz were forced by an SS officer called “a killer” to sing songs while on their way to the gas chambers was given to the court here today as the trial of 22 former Auschwitz-Birkenau administrators and medical corpsmen continued. The day’s principal witness, Hermann H. Biermanski, who… More ▸

  • Italian Supreme Court Upholds Acquittal of Anti-jewish Editor

    The Italian Supreme Court upheld today the acquittal of Judge Giovanni Durando on charges of offending the Jewish religion in a case which developed during the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem. Judge Durando, editor of a weekly periodical, published an article declaring that Jews were “to be considered decides in action,” and “unconscientious and… More ▸

  • Holland Submits Evidence to Austria on Nazi Who Deported Jews

    Dutch officials reported today that a Vienna court has decided to keep Erich Rajakovic in prison pending his trial next spring after the Dutch Criminal Investigation Department submitted irrefutable new evidence linking the former Nazi with the deportation of 110,000 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz. The CID evidence was transmitted to the State War Documentation Center… More ▸

  • Miss Arendt’s Views on Eichmann Trial Called ‘dangerous Nonsense’

    Judge Michael A. Mussmano, of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, delivered a scathing denunciation here tonight against various intellectuals who have recently voiced “apologies for Nazis, who plunged the world into an ocean of blood.” He named specifically Prof. Bruno Bettelheim, of the University of Chicago; Miss Hannah Arendt, author of “Eichmann in Jerusalem”; and… More ▸

  • Swiss Prosecutor Asks Mild Sentence for the Two ‘israeli Agents’

    The prosecutor in the trial of two alleged Israeli agents accused of coercion of the daughter of Dr. Paul Goercke, West German scientist working on non-conventional weapons in Egypt, today asked the state criminal court to find them guilty and to impose mild prison sentences on them. Dr. Karl Wieland, summing up for the prosecution,… More ▸

  • Eichmann’s Aide Granted Retrial in Germany; Killed Jews in Hungary

    Otto Hunsche, former assistant to the late Adolf Eichmann at Budapest, today was granted a retrial by Germany’s highest federal court, at Karlsruhe, after being convicted by a Frankfurt district court of the wartime murder of 1, 200 Hungarian Jews. The high tribunal found that there had been legal errors in the Frankfurt proceedings, where… More ▸