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  • Goldmann Lauds Jewish Resistance; Hausner Raps German Scientists

    The Jewish resistance movement during the Nazi regime in Europe compared favorably with the resistance offered by non-Jews, and all charges of cowardice against the Jews oppressed by the Nazis are “morally contemptible,” Dr. Nahuro Goldmann declared here last night. He was one of the principal speakers at a meeting held here by 600 survivors… More ▸

  • Judge Halevi Nominated to Israel’s Supreme Court As Tenth Justice

    Judge Binyamin Halevi, president of the Jerusalem District Court, was today nominated for the Israel Supreme Court. His nomination as the 10th justice on Israel’s highest tribunal is subject to the formal approval of the President. Born in Germany, Judge Halevi settled in Palestine in 1933, and has been president of the Jerusalem court since… More ▸

  • 50 Witnesses to Testify at Trial of Two Eichmann’ Aides in Germany

    At least 50 witnesses are expected to be called upon for testimony when Hermann Krumey and Otto Hunsche, former aides to the late Adolf Eichmann, go on trial here for the mass murder of more than 430, 000 Hungarian Jews during World War II, the public prosecutor’s office disclosed here today. The date of the… More ▸

  • Eichmann’s Aide Ordered to Leave Switzerland; Escaped from Italy

    Swiss police today told Erich Rajakovic, a one-time key aide of Adolf Eichmann, that he must leave Switzerland immediately or be expelled as an undesirable alien. The police said that Rajakovic arrived in Switzerland yesterday, after fleeing from Italy, and spent the night in a Bern Hotel. Police went to his hotel and told him… More ▸

  • Trial of Israel Opera Conductor Starts; Charged with Aiding Nazis

    Hirsh Birenblat, former conductor of the Israel Opera, went on trial here today on charges of having helped to round up Jews for extermination by the Nazis as a Jewish policeman in Nazi-held Poland during World War II. In presenting the case, prosecutor David Libai said the case was the first in which an Israeli… More ▸

  • Israel Supreme Court Rejects Petition for Retrial of Kastner Case

    Supreme Court President Yitzhak Olshan today dismissed a petition for a retrial of the Kastner-Gruenwald case in which Malkiel Gruenwald, a Hungarian immigrant, was found guilty of libeling Israel Kastner, a wartime Hungarian Jewish leader, by calling him a Nazi collaborator. Gruenwald had at first been given a token fine by the Jerusalem District Court… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Orders Transfer of Eichmann’s Manuscript to State Archives

    A bulky volume comprising many hundreds of pages written by Adolf Eichmann in his prison cell, in the months prior to his conviction and execution in Israel for his role in the murder of 6,000,000 European Jews, has been deposited in the Israel State Archives by order of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, it was disclosed… More ▸

  • Ex-nazi Colonel Arrested in Chile Denies Killing 90,000 Jews

    Walter Rauff, former Nazi SS colonel arrested here last week at the request of the West German Government, on charges of annihilating 90,000 Jews during World War II,. said here this weekend that he will fight Bonn’s extradition application on the grounds that he was not an executioner but only “a desk colonel.” He told… More ▸

  • Ex-nazi Charged with Murder of Jews in Lvov Ghetto; Trial Opens

    Oskar Waltke, 56, a former SS member, pleaded innocent today to charges of murder and complicity to murder from 1942 to 1944 of Jews in the Lvov Ghetto during the war. Hyman Wiesenthal, a former Lvov architect who is now director of the Vienna Jewish Document Center and author of a book entitled, “I Hunted… More ▸

  • Jews in Italy Laud Move Banning Defamation of Religious Groups

    The Council of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities expressed gratification today over amendments to the Italian criminal code, soon to be presented to Parliament, which would make it a criminal offense to commit any action violating the principle of equality of all citizens without regard to religious, ethnic or political considerations. The amendments also… More ▸