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  • Israeli Ex-prosecutor, Sentenced for Fraud, Will Seek No Clemency

    Yaacov Baror, former district attorney and prosecution aide in the Adolf Eichmann trial who was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment for posing as a qualified attorney, abandoned plans today to ask President Ben-Zvi for clemency. He will start to serve his term on Monday. “I have to take my punishment for what I have done,”… More ▸

  • District Attorney Sentenced in Israel to Three Months’ Imprisonment

    Yaakov Baror, former Tel Aviv district attorney and a prosecutor in the Adolf Eichmann trial, was sentenced today to three months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to charges of having obtained an attorney’s license under false pretenses. In imposing sentence, District Court Judge Eliezer Malchi said: “I have no other way to save the face of… More ▸

  • Nazi Officer in Charge of Jews in Hungary Discovered in Germany

    A new controversy about the Nazi pasts of public officials in Schleswig-Holstein blew up today when it was disclosed that a secret document on nomination of members of the Christian Democratic party for offices in the land administration had been signed by Otto Winkelmann, a former high SS and police officer who was named in… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Confers in Sweden on U.N. Problems Affecting Israel

    Problems concerning Israel and the Middle East to be taken up at the forthcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly were discussed by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Swedish Premier Tage Erlander. Mr. Ben-Gurion, who is currently visiting Sweden as part of a tour of five Scandinavian nations, was the luncheon guest today… More ▸

  • Stand of 2,000 American Newspapers on Eichmann Trial Analyzed

    A survey of editorial comment on the Eichmann trial in some 2,000 American newspapers, made public today by the American Jewish Committee, shows that the press of this country almost unanimously saw the trial as a warning against all forms of prejudice and the continuing threat of totalitarianism to democracy. However, only a minority touched… More ▸

  • Eichmann’s Aide, Sentenced for Killing Jews, Appeals Verdict

    A prosecution bid for a stiffer sentence than the five-year imprisonment imposed last month on former SS Captain Otto Hunsche was followed today by the filing of an appeal by Hunsche’s attorney against the sentence. Hunsche, a close associate of Adolf Eichmann, was sentenced July 13 on conviction of charges he contributed to the murder… More ▸

  • Nazi Charged with Killing Jews Hangs Himself in Vienna Jail

    Former SS Colonel Hedmann Hoefle, who was in jail awaiting trial on charges of participating in the mass killing of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II, hanged himself in his cell yesterday. The 51-year-old former Nazi had been named in the trial in Jerusalem of Adolf Eichmann and had been arrested in Salzburg… More ▸

  • World Jewish Population Estimated at 12,500,000; U.S. Has 5,510,000 Jews

    American Jewish Year Book for 1962, published today, estimates the Jewish population of the United States at 5,510,000 of whom 80 per cent are native born. The total world Jewish population is estimated at about 12,500,000 with 936,000 in Canada, Central and South America, about 3,750,000 in Europe and about 2,000,000 in Asia. Some 500,000… More ▸

  • Tel Aviv District Attorney to Face Trial for Falsely Posing As Lawyer

    Yaakov Bar-Or, former Tel Aviv district attorney, at present suspended, and an assistant prosecutor at the Eichmann trial, will be tried shortly in a District Court here on charges of falsely posing as a qualified lawyer, it was announced by the Ministry of Justice here. The Ministry did not specify whether he would be tried… More ▸

  • German Press Considers Sentence Against Eichmann’s Aide As Mild

    Some of the leading newspapers here today denounced the mildness of the sentence meted out by the local court against Otto Hunsche, one of Adolf Eichmann’s principal wartime aides, who sent 1,200 Hungarian Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz. At the same time, Heinz Wolf, the chief prosecutor here, announced he would appeal against the… More ▸