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  • Trial of Eichmann’s Aide Completed in Germany; Charged with Killing Jews

    The prosecution and defense completed their presentations today in the trial of Otto Hunsche, 50, a former wartime aide to Adolf Eichmann charged with complicity in the murder of 1,200 Hungarian Jews in 1944. The prosecutor demanded a term of life imprisonment at hard labor for Hunsche, the stiffest penalty for maximum crimes under West… More ▸

  • West Germany Schedules Largest Mass Trial of Nazi Criminals Since 1946

    The largest war crimes trial since the Nuremberg proceedings of 1946 will open early next year in Bonn, when nearly 30 of Adolf Eichmann’s principal assistants will be tried, the Government prosecutor announced here today. Hundreds of witnesses, most of them survivors from Auschwitz have been called from all parts of the world where they… More ▸

  • Bonn Asks Syria to Extradite Eichmann’s Aide for Trial in Germany

    A request for the extradition of Alois Brunner, a wartime aide of Adolf Eichmann, for crimes against European Jews, has been made to Syria, the West German Government announced yesterday. The West German Foreign Ministry said the request was made to Syria because it was “believed” that the former chief of the Jewish emigration department… More ▸

  • Trial of Gestapo Chief in Hungary Opened; Charged with Killing 1,200 Jews

    Otto Hunsche, 51, former chief of the Gestapo in Hungary, where he worked directly under the late Adolf Eichmann, lost his first round in the District Court here today, as soon as his trial opened this morning on charges of ordering the arrest and murder of 1,200 Hungarian Jews during the World War. His attorney,… More ▸

  • Ex-nazis Failed in Efforts to Smuggle Razor Blade to Eichmann in Jail

    Former Nazis had tried twice to smuggle a razor blade to the late Adolf Eichmann, while the latter awaited hanging at Ramleh Prison, it was revealed here last night by Attorney General Gideon Hausner, chief prosecutor of the Eichmann trial. In one case, Mr. Hausner disclosed, Germans now in Australia, who lived formerly in the… More ▸

  • Eichmann’s Aide in Budapest Goes on Trial Today for Killing Jews

    Otto Hunsche, former aide to Adolf Eichmann at Budapest, will go on trial at Frankfurt tomorrow on charges of murdering 1,200 Hungarian Jews during World War II. According to the Frankfurt prosecutor, Hunsche had 1,200 Hungarian Jews arrested, and murdered, to keep them from complaining to Admiral Horthy, the chief of their state, against the… More ▸

  • Germans Forbid Their Children to Watch Anti-nazi Documentary Films

    West Germans are forbidding their children to watch television or films which depict the facts of German history under the Nazi regime, according to a survey conducted here by the Bremen Radio and Television Authority. The study showed that many young Germans, in the age brackets between 10 and 15, were ordered by their parents… More ▸

  • Two Brazilian Jews Go to Germany to Testify Against Eichmann’s Aide

    Two Brazilian Jews, both former leaders of Hungarian Jewry, and both of whom testified last summer in Jerusalem during the Adolf Eichmann trial, left for Germany today to appear as witnesses, at Frankfurt, against Heinrich Hunsche, Eichmann’s assistant in Hungary during World War II. The men are Ernest Peto, 84, president of the Budapest Jewish… More ▸

  • Argentine Anti-semites Use Bombs in Retaliation for Eichmann’s Execution

    Two “Molotov cocktail” bombs were tossed today from a passing automobile against the Union of Israel School on Paso Street. At about the same time, occupants of another speeding car machine gunned the windows in front of the offices of the Zim Israel Navigation Company, on Intalcahuano Street. Only material damage was caused by both… More ▸

  • Israeli Govt. Lawyer Arrested for Presenting ‘false’ Qualifications

    Yaacov Bar-Or, prominent Israeli member of the Ministry of Justice legal staff, the Number Two Government counsel, next to Attorney General Gideon Hausner during the prosecution and trial of Adolf Eichmann, was arrested here today and released on bail, on charges of presenting a “false document” pertaining to his legal qualifications as a member of… More ▸