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  • Eichmann’s Lawyer Files Appeal for Clemency; Asks for Stay of Execution

    An appeal to President Ben-Zvi for clemency and a stay of execution of the death sentence imposed on Adolf Eichmann was filed here today by Dr. Robert Servatius, the former Gestapo colonel’s West German defense attorney. The attorney’s action, taken in a four-page, hand-written letter to Israel’s President, came 24 hours after the Israel Supreme… More ▸

  • Israel Prepares for Ultimate Verdict on Eichmann by Supreme Court

    Everything was in readiness here today for the last and final stage of the juridical proceedings against Adolf Eichmann. On Tuesday morning, the ex-Gestapo colonel, convicted and sentenced to death for directing the annihilation of 6,000,000 European Jews, will begin hearing the ultimate court judgment and verdict by a five-judge panel of Israel’s Supreme Court…. More ▸

  • Nazi Who Slew 11,455 Jews Uses ‘eichmann Doctrine’ in Berlin Court

    A defense argument which Adolf Eichmann used repeatedly in his Jerusalem trial–that he acted under orders which he could not disobey in transporting millions of European Jews to their doom–was heard again in court here today from. Albert Filbert, a former Nazi SS officer on trial for participation in similar mass murders of Jews. Filbert,… More ▸

  • Hausner ‘fan Mail’ on Eichmann Trial Runs Range from Hate to Flowers

    A residue of hatred for Jews still remains in Germany, Israel Attorney General Gideon Hausner implied at a news conference here today. The chief prosecutor of the Adolf Eichmann trial, here for the major address to the B’nai B’rith triennial convention last night, told reporters that he continues to receive “quite a fan mail” from… More ▸

  • Israel Supreme Court to Render Final Eichmann Judgment on May 29

    The reading of the judgment by the Israel Supreme Court, on the appeal by Nazi Adolf Eichmann from his death sentence, will take place on May 29, it was officially announced here today. Dr. Robert Servatius, the West German attorney who is the former Gestapo colonel’s chief defense counsel, is scheduled to come to Israel… More ▸

  • Hausner, Eichmann Prosecutor, Urges Israel Support As Holocaust Reply

    An appeal to American Jewry for “a supreme effort to secure the existence” of Israel, as an implementation of “the desire of the 6,000,000 Jews murdered during the Nazi era, was sounded here tonight by Israel Attorney General Gideon Hausner. He delivered the principal address to more than 1,200 delegates and guests at B’nai B’rith’s… More ▸

  • ‘judgment at Nuremberg,’ Eichmann Trial Tv Broadcasts, Given Awards

    The National Council on Jewish Audio-Visual Materials, sponsored by the American Association for Jewish Education, has awarded a citation to the film, “Judgment at Nuremberg,” for its “eloquent and dramatic presentation of the relationship of law to man’s moral obligations,” it was announced today. The Council, at a session attended by representatives of 41 national… More ▸

  • Eichmann Aide to Face Trial for Killing 1,200 Hungarian Jews

    The prosecution office announced today that Otto Huhsche, 50, former aide to Colonel Adolf Eichmann, will go on trial June 18 before the Frankfurt jury court on charges of conspiracy in the murder of 1,200 Hungarian Jews in 1944. The bill of indictment charges that, on July 14, 1944, Hunsche, as aide to Eichmann in… More ▸

  • New York’s ‘times Square’ Renamed ‘warsaw Ghetto Square’ for a Week

    Times Square, known as the “crossroads of the world,” was renamed today, Warsaw Ghetto Square, for a whole week in commemoration of the 19th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in which close to 60, 000 Jews, men, women and children, comprising the entire population of the beleaguered ghetto, were massacred by the Nazis. The… More ▸

  • Future Visits of Clergyman to Eichmann in Jail to Be Kept Secret

    The arrangements by which a Winnipeg-born Jerusalem pastor has become spiritual advisor to Adolf Eichmann were undertaken by the clergyman at the suggestion of the Israeli Ministry for Religious Affairs, it was disclosed today. The Rev. William H. Hull, who visited the condemned Nazi in his jail cell twice this month, said he planned to… More ▸