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  • Rain Mars Opening of Tourist Season at Normally Dry Eilat

    Eilat’s week-long celebration to mark the opening of its winter tourist season got off to a damp start Sunday. The normally dry resort town on the eastern extremity of the Red Sea was busy cleaning up and repairing damage caused by a sudden cloudburst which dumped an inch of rain in one hour last Friday…. More ▸

  • Foil Terrorist Plot to Shell Eilat

    Details of an elaborate terrorist plot to shell Eilat and ram an explosives-laden vessel on the beach crowded with Rosh Hashanah vacationers were disclosed today by security sources. The vessel, the 600-ton freighter Agios Demetrios, was sunk by an Israeli naval patrol boat last Saturday afternoon in Sinai coastal waters about 70 miles south of… More ▸

  • Eilat Signals Greetings to Hussein and Bride

    Officially, a state of war exists between Israel and Jordan. But that did not deter the Mayor and citizens of Eilat from sending warm congratulations to King Hussein and his new American bride, the former Elizabeth Halaby, last night when they arrived at the neighboring Jordanian town of Aqaba. The warmth was more than figurative…. More ▸

  • Spectal to the JTA New Chance for Eilat

    Since its founding 28 years ago this week. Eilat, Israel’s southernmost town, has experienced rise and decline in two areas of development–as a seaport and as an industrial center. It is now well into its third phase–as an international tourist resort and it is there that Eilat’s future seems to lie. On March 1,1949, a… More ▸

  • Fears Mount That Eilat May Become Ghost Town After Mines Are Shut

    Fear continued to mount in Eilat today that Israel’s southern-most city and sole outlet to the Red Sea would become a ghost town after the Timna copper mines are closed down and its dismissed employes are forced to find jobs elsewhere. Minister of Commerce and Industry Haim Barlev, who flew to Eilat Monday night after… More ▸

  • Eilat Returns to Normal Following General Strike over Mines’ Shut-down

    Eilat returned to normal today following yesterday’s general strike protesting the government’s decision to close down the money-losing Timna copper mines which employ 700 members of this town’s labor force. The angry citizenry was mollified somewhat by the visit last night of Minister of Commerce and Industry Haim Barlev who promised that the mines would… More ▸

  • General Strike in Eilat Sparked by Closing of Timna Copper Mines

    The sudden closing by the government of the money-losing Timna copper mines touched off a general strike today in Eilat where the mines had been one of the major employers of local manpower. The airport was shut down this morning, roads to the town were blocked by members of workers committees and all shops and… More ▸

  • Eilat-ashkelon Strikers Clash with Police; General Strike Called

    Striking workers of the Eilat-Ashkelon oil pipeline company clashed with police in Ashkelon this morning precipitating a general strike at both ends of the pipeline. The strikers accused the police of firing on workers during a bizarre boat-ramming incident in Ashkelon harbor. Police said they fired into the air to warn off strikers who they… More ▸

  • Eilat Police Hold 15 for Cemetery Desecration

    Eilat police detained 60 Arabs and other non-Jews last night and held 15 for questioning today in the desecration of the Eilat cemetery yesterday. The local burial society reported that two tombstones were smashed, others defaced and a coffin set on fire. Police believe the desecration could have been the work of a mentally deranged… More ▸

  • Il 140m Jetport in Eilat

    Israel will build an IL 140 million jet airport in Eilat capable of handing intercontinental jets, it was announced here yesterday. Yehuda Rabin, chief of the Civil Aviation Administration, said construction would start this April and the airport would be completed within five years. He also reported that IL 5 million has been spent to… More ▸