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  • Israelis Hold Jordan Responsible for Frogmen Attack on 2 Vessels at Eilat’s Port

    Israeli officials hold Jordan responsible for an attack by frogmen which damaged two Israeli merchant ships in the port of Eilat early Sunday. They say the frogmen may have been Egyptian but they came from Aqaba, the Jordanian seaport adjacent to Eilat. Observers here believe retaliatory action will be taken against Jordan. Israeli jets bombed… More ▸

  • Cabinet Considers Attack by Frogmen at Eilat, Believe Counter-measures Weighed

    The attack by frogmen which damaged two Israeli ships in the port of Eilat early yesterday morning was discussed at today’s special Cabinet session devoted to security matters and foreign policy. Apparently the Cabinet is considering what counter-measures, if any, to take, though it is yet to be determined just how and by whom the… More ▸

  • Arab Frogmen Plant Explosives That Damage 2 Vessels Anchored in Harbor of Eilat

    Explosives planted underwater by frogmen damaged two Israeli merchant vessels in Eilat harbor early today. They are the Hey Daroma, a small motorship that carries tourists between Eilat and Sharm el-Sheikh, and the 14,000-deadweight ton cargo motorship Dahlia which was scheduled to sail for the Far East today with a full cargo of phosphates. No… More ▸

  • Egyptian Vessels Shell Northern Sinai in First Naval Attack Since 1967-eilat Sinking

    Two Egyptian destroyers and several smaller craft shelled the Israel-occupied northern Sinai coast last night but were driven off by Israeli planes. Israeli jets attacked Egyptian positions and military targets in the northern section of the Suez Canal today and returned safely to their bases, an Israeli military spokesman reported. The Sinai shelling 25 miles… More ▸

  • Spectacular $142,000 Fire Hits Eilat Harbor, Blamed on Overheating of Chemicals

    A spectacular fire in the harbor here yesterday destroyed export goods worth $142,857, including chemicals and fertilizers. First reports indicate the fire was caused by chemicals which overheated in the 104-degree Negev sun, caught fire and exploded causing the huge fire which could be seen for miles. The El Fatah guerrilla organization issued a statement… More ▸

  • Tensions Run High in Amman As Jordanian Army Takes Steps Against Eilat Commandos

    Israelis watched and listened closely this weekend as tensions ran high between El Fatah commandos and the Jordanian Army in Amman in the wake of reported arrests–and the possible release–of guerrillas responsible for last week’s rocket attack on Eilat. Eilat onlookers saw Jordanian tanks and troops move into Aqaba yesterday. The towns are some four… More ▸

  • Warfare Comes to Eilat and Aqaba, As Guerrillas and Israeli Jets Exchange Bombardments

    The sun-drenched city of Eilat at the southernmost point of Israel was wrenched into the Arab-Israel war zone today along with its neighboring Jordanian port of Aqaba for the first time since the Six-Day War. Israeli jets rocket-bombed the sleepy port, Jordan’s sole outlet to the sea, in retaliation for an early-morning Arab guerrilla Katyusha-rocket… More ▸

  • Jordanian Shelling of Eilat Draws Warning in Letter to Council

    The Jordanian shelling of Israel’s Red Sea port of Eilat Saturday which wounded three persons drew a warning yesterday in a letter submitted to the Security Council by Ambassador Yosef Tekoah. The Israeli envoy, notifying the Council’s November president Otto R. Borch of Denmark, of the incident, listed 36 attacks or sabotage actions allegedly carried… More ▸