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  • Warfare Comes to Eilat and Aqaba, As Guerrillas and Israeli Jets Exchange Bombardments

    The sun-drenched city of Eilat at the southernmost point of Israel was wrenched into the Arab-Israel war zone today along with its neighboring Jordanian port of Aqaba for the first time since the Six-Day War. Israeli jets rocket-bombed the sleepy port, Jordan’s sole outlet to the sea, in retaliation for an early-morning Arab guerrilla Katyusha-rocket… More ▸

  • Jordanian Shelling of Eilat Draws Warning in Letter to Council

    The Jordanian shelling of Israel’s Red Sea port of Eilat Saturday which wounded three persons drew a warning yesterday in a letter submitted to the Security Council by Ambassador Yosef Tekoah. The Israeli envoy, notifying the Council’s November president Otto R. Borch of Denmark, of the incident, listed 36 attacks or sabotage actions allegedly carried… More ▸

  • Israel Plans to Buy Three Supertankers to Transport Oil to Port of Eilat

    Israel will purchase three 250,000-deadweight-ton supertankers to transport oil to Eilat, on the Gulf of Aqaba, where a 42-inch pipeline is being laid to the Mediterranean port of Ashkelon, Minister of Transport Moshe Carmel told the Knesset (Parliament) yesterday. He said that these vessels, which will be among the largest afloat, will make Israel independent… More ▸

  • Construction Will Begin Next Week on Eilat-to-ashkelon Pipeline for Oil

    Work will begin next week on a $32,287,000 pipeline that will carry oil from Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba to Ashkelon on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, south of Tel Aviv, it was announced here today. The 42-inch pipeline will be over 200 miles long. By conveying Middle East oil unloaded from tankers at Eilat, it… More ▸

  • Mekorot Wins Contract to Construct New Oil Pipeline from Eilat to Ashdod

    The Mekorot Water Co. has won a contract to construct a 42-inch pipeline that will carry oil from Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba to Ashdod on the Mediterranean coast. Construction costs are estimated at about $12 million apart from materials. The contract stipulates that the work must be completed within eight months and 10… More ▸

  • Construction of Eilat-to-ashdod Oil Pipeline Expected to Begin Soon

    Construction is expected to begin soon on an oil pipeline from Eilat on the Gulf of Akaba to the port of Ashdod on the Mediterranean, according to Tahal, Israel’s water planning company. Construction costs are estimated at $113 million. Tahal revealed it had completed a survey for the 42-inch pipeline which will shorten the oil… More ▸

  • Two Are Killed when Bus Carrying School Children Hits Mine in Eilat Area

    A busload of school children hit a mine on a Negev road today. One child and an adult were killed and 25 children were injured, some of them seriously, it was reported tonight. The injured were rushed by transport planes to hospitals in the Tel Aviv area. The bus was one of three carrying pupils… More ▸

  • Terrorists Hit Eilat-ashdod Oil Pipeline; One Saboteur Killed

    Saboteurs struck at the Eilat-Ashdod oil pipeline Tuesday night but loss of oil from damages was insignificant, it was reported here Thursday. The action, in which one saboteur was killed, marked the first time the pipeline was used as a target. The victim was killed apparently while handling explosives. The sabotage was discovered when it… More ▸

  • New 104-mile Highway Opened Between Sodom and Port of Eilat

    President Zalman Shazar, Labor Minister Yigal Allon and Tourism Minister Moshe Kol were present today at ceremonies near the town of Sodom marking the opening of a new highway from the port of Eilat to the Dead Sea. The road, 104 miles long and 22 feet wide, was built in seven years at a cost… More ▸

  • 3,742 Faculty Members in 128 Universities Demand Freedom of Passage to Eilat

    A total of 3,742 faculty members from 128 universities around the United States signed this weekend a call addressed to Congress and the Washington Administration to “restore the freedom of passage through the Gulf of Akaba.” Under the aegis of an Ad Hoc Committee of American Professors for Freedom of Navigation in the Gulf of… More ▸