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  • Britain Proposes Banning Hamas, Hezbollah Wings As Terror Groups

    Jewish groups are welcoming a new British law that would ban 21 organizations the British government says engage in terrorism, including the military wings of Hamas and Hezbollah. Home Secretary Jack Straw published the list of alleged terrorist organizations following new anti-terrorism legislation that went into effect last week. If Parliament approves the list, it… More ▸

  • London Broker Sues Company That Forced Him to Dress As Nazi

    A Jewish stockbroker is suing his former employer for racial discrimination after being ordered to wear a Nazi uniform to work as punishment for tardiness. Laurent Weinberger, whose grandmother died at Auschwitz, complained that he had been called “Yiddo” and “Jew boy” by his manager and a colleague at the London brokerage firm of Tullett… More ▸

  • Despite Critics, Britain Marks First Holocaust Memorial Day

    Britain’s first annual Holocaust Memorial Day was noteworthy not just for the politicians, celebrities, religious leaders and survivors who attended a London ceremony, but also for the bickering in the Jewish community over whether the memorial should be held at all. Saturday’s commemoration — on the anniversary of the Jan. 27, 1945, liberation of Auschwitz… More ▸

  • Britain Plans to Make Restitution for Nazi-looted Art in Tate Gallery

    For the first time, Britain is planning to pay heirs of a Holocaust victim whose art was looted by the Nazis. The government announced Jan. 18 it will pay $185,000 to the son of a German Jewish banker who was shot by the Nazis in Dusseldorf in 1937. The names of the banker and his… More ▸

  • Panel Trashes Jewish Leaders in Britain for Divorce Problem

    The Orthodox Jewish establishment here is insensitive to the problem of Jewish women whose husbands refuse to grant them religious divorces, women’s advocates say. The accusation follows a public forum devoted last week to the issue of agunot, as women in this predicament are called. It’s an issue that is a contentious one in the… More ▸

  • Critic of Holocaust Groups Creates Controversy in London

    A controversial American academic has left England’s capital – but not before criticizing advocacy groups for Holocaust survivors. Norman Finkelstein was in Britain to promote his new book, “The Holocaust Industry,” in which he accuses Jewish organizations and elites – the Holocaust industry, in his phrase – of distorting the memory of the Shoah to… More ▸

  • Proposal for Orthodox Women Who Want Divorces Dies in Britain

    British advocates for the rights of women whose husbands will not grant them Jewish divorces are disappointed at the defeat of a bill designed to remedy the problem. The Board of Deputies, which represents most British Jews, vowed to continue to press for a change to the law after the House of Commons rejected the… More ▸

  • Britain’s First Female Jewish Leader Pledges Better Outreach, Tolerance

    The first woman elected leader of the umbrella organization that represents most British Jews plans to reach out to young, unaffiliated Jews. The failure to attract young people is “not just a problem in the Jewish community,” said Jo Wagerman. “Young people are either abandoning their culture or becoming fundamentalists” in Christian, Muslim and Sikh… More ▸

  • Jews in Britain Need to Adapt to Multicultural World, Says Report

    British Jews should not look at themselves in strictly religious terms, but as a people tied together culturally, historically and socially as well, according to a London-based Jewish think tank. “For the purposes of representation, we should adopt an inclusive definition of the Jewish people and present ourselves as an ethnic group,” says the report… More ▸

  • London Holocaust Trial Links the Ancient with the Internet

    The ancient meets the modern in the rabbit warren of a courthouse where the Holocaust is being debated in a trial between a self- defined revisionist and a professor. The libel trial of David Irving against Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt is being held between walls that bear warning signs that one should walk carefully… More ▸