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  • As Britain Conducts Its Census, Religion Question Ruffles Feathers

    For the first time since 1851, Britain’s census includes a question on religion this year. The official bodies of British Jewry welcome the question on faith, but some Jewish thinkers believe the effort to draw a religious map of Britain is seriously flawed. Sociologist Barry Kosmin, director of the British-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research,… More ▸

  • Two Jewish Men Convicted in Massive London Vote Fraud

    Two observant Jews who served as elected London officials face up to 10 years in jail after being convicted of vote fraud. Detective Inspector Robert Garratt, the investigating officer, called the case “the largest attempt to subvert the democratic process that I am aware of.” In a trial that lasted nearly two months, a court… More ▸

  • Kosher Meat in Britain Less Prone to Foot-and-mouth

    As far as foot-and-mouth disease is concerned, it’s good to be Jewish. Since the outbreak of the disease last month, Jews who keep kosher have faced fewer serious meat shortages than the rest of the British community. In order to contain the highly contagious livestock virus, British authorities have imposed severe restrictions on the movement… More ▸

  • London Jewish Columnist Wrote About Cancer Struggle

    John Diamond, a much-beloved writer for Britain’s Jewish Chronicle, who had written about his throat cancer in the Times of London since he was diagnosed in April 1997, died last Friday. He was 47. Writer Salman Rushdie hailed him as “a loyal pal and one of the funniest men I knew.” Many people commented on… More ▸

  • Britain Proposes Banning Hamas, Hezbollah Wings As Terror Groups

    Jewish groups are welcoming a new British law that would ban 21 organizations the British government says engage in terrorism, including the military wings of Hamas and Hezbollah. Home Secretary Jack Straw published the list of alleged terrorist organizations following new anti-terrorism legislation that went into effect last week. If Parliament approves the list, it… More ▸

  • London Broker Sues Company That Forced Him to Dress As Nazi

    A Jewish stockbroker is suing his former employer for racial discrimination after being ordered to wear a Nazi uniform to work as punishment for tardiness. Laurent Weinberger, whose grandmother died at Auschwitz, complained that he had been called “Yiddo” and “Jew boy” by his manager and a colleague at the London brokerage firm of Tullett… More ▸

  • Despite Critics, Britain Marks First Holocaust Memorial Day

    Britain’s first annual Holocaust Memorial Day was noteworthy not just for the politicians, celebrities, religious leaders and survivors who attended a London ceremony, but also for the bickering in the Jewish community over whether the memorial should be held at all. Saturday’s commemoration — on the anniversary of the Jan. 27, 1945, liberation of Auschwitz… More ▸

  • Britain Plans to Make Restitution for Nazi-looted Art in Tate Gallery

    For the first time, Britain is planning to pay heirs of a Holocaust victim whose art was looted by the Nazis. The government announced Jan. 18 it will pay $185,000 to the son of a German Jewish banker who was shot by the Nazis in Dusseldorf in 1937. The names of the banker and his… More ▸