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  • Jews in Britain Need to Adapt to Multicultural World, Says Report

    British Jews should not look at themselves in strictly religious terms, but as a people tied together culturally, historically and socially as well, according to a London-based Jewish think tank. “For the purposes of representation, we should adopt an inclusive definition of the Jewish people and present ourselves as an ethnic group,” says the report… More ▸

  • London Holocaust Trial Links the Ancient with the Internet

    The ancient meets the modern in the rabbit warren of a courthouse where the Holocaust is being debated in a trial between a self- defined revisionist and a professor. The libel trial of David Irving against Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt is being held between walls that bear warning signs that one should walk carefully… More ▸

  • Irving Accused of Mocking Survivors As London Holocaust Trial Nears End

    Holocaust revisionist David Irving mocked victims of the Holocaust by “feeding and encouraging the most cynical anti-Semitism” in his speeches, it was alleged last week at a trial for a defamation suit that Irving has filed against a U.S. scholar. The charge was leveled by the lawyer for Jewish historian Deborah Lipstadt. Irving, who denies… More ▸

  • Britain Expected to Come Clean on Nazi-looted Art in Its Galleries

    Britain’s public art galleries and museums are expected to admit in the coming days to having acquired thousands of artworks since 1933 that may have been looted from Holocaust victims. London’s Tate Gallery alone is expected to reveal that it may have more than 100 Nazi-looted paintings on its walls. The anticipated statement from the… More ▸

  • Jewish Financier in Britain Linked to Barak Finance Scandal

    A leading Jewish fund-raiser in Britain has been linked to the campaign finance scandal plaguing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. At the same time, a charitable foundation in Canada has also been named as being among the foreign-based groups that helped Barak’s election campaign last year. The scandal erupted late last month, when Israel’s state… More ▸

  • Alleged Nazi War Criminal Lives off Pension in Britain

    A man who allegedly killed inmates at the Mauthausen concentration camp is being targeted for investigation. A probe into Alexander Schweidler is being urged by a disbanded parliamentary group that lobbied for the prosecution of suspected Nazi war criminals in Britain. Slovakian-born Schweidler, now 78 and living in the English town of Milton Keynes, is… More ▸

  • Citing Dangers to Free Speech, Britain to Reject Holocaust Law

    The British government has rejected plans to make Holocaust denial a criminal offense, the country’s home office minister told Parliament last week. Mike O’Brien said such legislation, which had been supported by Prime Minister Tony Blair, could not easily “strike a balance between outlawing such offensive statements while ensuring that freedom of speech is not… More ▸

  • Trial Pitting Holocaust Revisionist Against Jewish Scholar Opens in London

    A British defense attorney gave a taste of the drama to come in the libel trial brought by a Holocaust revisionist against a Holocaust scholar when, during his opening statement this week, he addressed the plaintiff. “To put it bluntly,” Richard Rampton, who is defending Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt against David Irving, told the judge… More ▸

  • Latvian War Crimes Suspect to Leave Britain, Return to Australia

    A Latvian war crimes suspect allegedly involved in the deaths of up to 30,000 Jews during World War II is expected to leave Britain voluntarily after the British government announced that he would be deported. Konrad Kalejs, who has previously been deported from the United States and Canada, is likely to head for Australia, where… More ▸

  • Ex-chief Rabbi of Britain, Thatcher Confidant, Dies at 78

    Britain’s former chief rabbi has died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage at 78. Lord Jakobovits, who died Sunday, was the leader of Britain’s Jewish community from 1967 until 1991. His successor, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, called him “the outstanding rabbinic figure of his generation.” Jakobovits was born in Germany in 1921. His family fled to England… More ▸