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  • Meeting in London, Women Rabbis Find Similarities Cut Across Borders

    The 100 women who gathered in London for a conference on female rabbis may have come from different countries, but they found that they face many of the same challenges. The four-day conference of the Women’s Rabbinic Network, which ended Wednesday, was the first held outside the United States, demonstrating the growing number and importance… More ▸

  • London Conference Helps Blair While Creating Tensions with Israel

    A conference this week on Palestinian reform may have rubbed Israel the wrong way, but it may well have improved British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s standing at home. Over Israel’s objections, Blair convened the conference to push for change in the Palestinian Authority. As things worked out, it not only increased his standing in the… More ▸

  • Israeli Decision to Ban Palestinians from Forum Latest Flap with Britain

    Israel’s refusal to allow Palestinian delegates to attend a conference here on reforming the Palestinian Authority comes at a sensitive time in Israeli-British relations. Israel decided Monday to bar the Palestinian delegation from next week’s conference after a double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv killed 22 Israelis and foreign workers on Sunday. The Al-Aksa Brigade,… More ▸

  • Official in London Mayor’s Office Lashes out at Pro-israel Demonstration

    A member of the London Mayor’s Office has condemned the recent Israel solidarity rally held here earlier this month. Kumar Murshid, who chairs the London Muslim Coalition in addition to serving in the mayor’s Advisory Cabinet, claimed in a news release that the Jewish community’s May 6 rally, which drew some 50,000 people, was a… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World British Jews Turn out for Rally in London in Support of Israel

    British Jewry has marshaled one of its largest crowds ever to show support for Israel. Some 50,000 demonstrators from all over Britain filled Trafalgar Square on Monday afternoon, carrying Israeli and British flags and banners reading “Yes to peace, no to terror” and “Suicide bombers kill people and the peace.” A small but noisy pro-Palestinian… More ▸

  • Britain’s Orthodox Rabbinical School is Saved — for Now — by Chief Rabbi

    The sole location in Britain where Orthodox rabbis get their training has been saved temporarily from closure by Orthodox Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. After a Feb. 19 meeting to decide the London School of Jewish Studies’ future, Principal Rabbi Abner Weiss asked to be released from his duties. Sacks temporarily assumed the role. Formerly known… More ▸

  • Two Palestinians Lose Their Appeal over 1994 London Embassy Bombings

    Two Palestinians convicted in connection with the 1994 bombing of the Israeli Embassy in London have lost their appeal. Jawad Botmeh, 31, and Samar Alami, 33, were convicted in 1996 of conspiracy to bomb the embassy and a separate building that houses the London offices of Jewish charities. They were each sentenced at the time… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders in Britain Back Airstrikes Against Afghanistan

    British Jewish leaders are strongly backing the joint U.S.-British air strikes against Afghanistan. Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said the strikes were “no instinctive act of revenge, but a focused, precise strategic intervention designed to make our world a safer place.” British Prime Minister Tony Blair, one of the strongest European advocates of strikes against the… More ▸

  • Jews Cheer As Britain Says It Will Try to Ban Farrakhan Again

    British Jewish leaders are welcoming their government’s announcement that it will seek new legal action to keep Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan out of Britain. The government had banned Farrakhan from visiting the country since 1986, largely due to pressure from Jewish groups, but his lawyers succeeded in overturning the ban in London’s High… More ▸