• 250 Jewish Terrorist Suspects Transferred from Sudan to Internment in Eritrea

    The approximately 250 Jewish terrorist suspects who had been held in a British internment camp in the Sudan have been returned to Eritrea, to where they were originally deported last year, according to an official announcement today. The transfer of the prisoners from Eritrea to the Sudan last January followed vigorous protests by them and… More ▸

  • Britain Transfers Palestine Jewish Deportees from Eritrea to Camps in Sudan

    The 279 Jewish terrorist suspects who have been confined in an internment camp in Eritrea have been moved to Carthage in the Sudan, where they are living in a former RAF camp, it was announced here today. The announcement also disclosed that a committee consisting of Major J.J. Evers, director of Army Welfare; Dr. W…. More ▸

  • Eden Will Discuss Plans for Settling Jews in Eritrea During Stay in Washington

    The problems involved in rescuing the Jews in Nazi-occupied countries and securing havens for them in Allied or neutral territory, will be discussed by British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden in conferences with high United States officials during his stay in Washington, it was learned here today. These discussions will be in addition to the British-American… More ▸

  • 2 Rabbis Leave for Service in Eritrea

    Two Jewish chaplains, Rabbis Aldo Sonnino and Amedco Terracina, left today to join the Italian forces in Eritrea. A third chaplain, Rabbi E. Catarivas, will leave for the front shortly. More ▸