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  • Israel Recognizes Independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

    Taking its cue once again from Washington, Israel announced Wednesday that it was extending diplomatic recognition to the three Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The statement proffering recognition was made by Foreign Minister David Levy, who spoke to reporters after meeting with visiting Italian Foreign Minister Gianni De Michelis. Levy said Israel’s decision… More ▸

  • Visiting Estonian Officials Sign an Exchange Agreement with Israel

    The Soviet Baltic republic of Estonia has signed an agreement with Israel for an exchange of experts, beginning next year. The pact, believed to be the first of its kind with a Soviet republic, was announced by the Estonian first deputy minister of agriculture, Vello Lind, as a 12-member Estonian delegation wound up an official… More ▸

  • Revival of Jewish Life Reported in Soviet Republic of Estonia

    A revival of Jewish life is taking place in the Soviet republic of Estonia, according to a Dutch specialist in Eastern European affairs. Writing Saturday in the daily Het Parool, the specialist, Dick Verkijk, reported that a Jewish cultural society, purportedly the first in the Soviet Union, was established in Estonia and officially registered on… More ▸

  • Former Commander of a Nazi Prison in Estonia is Ordered Deported

    An Immigration and Naturalization Judge has ordered the deportation of Karl Linnas, 63, of Greenvale, Long Island, on charges he commanded a Nazi prison in Tartu in occupied Estonia during World War II. Judge Howard Cohen affirmed three previous federal court findings that Linnas has served as an officer in an Estonian partisan group which… More ▸

  • Soviet Union Restores House of Worship to Talinn Jews After World Protests

    World public opinion, outraged at the confiscation of the only synagogue in Talinn, capital of Estonia, has forced Soviet authorities there to restore to the Jews of that city a place where they can worship, it was learned here today. However, the site is a small, wooden hut on the outskirts of Talinn, which still… More ▸

  • Estonian Synagogue Closed by Ussr; Shut-downs Total 360 Since 1959

    Soviet officials have informed the Jews of Tallin, in Estonia, that the building housing the community’s synagogue will be torn down to make way for an urban renewal project, and have rejected a request for permission for a new location for the synagogue, the American Soviet Conference on Soviet Jewry reported here today. The Conference,… More ▸

  • Book on Nazi Death Camp in Estonia Published; 100,000 Jews Perished

    A book about the Kloge death camp where close to 100,000 Jews perished has been written by Erwin Martinson, an Estonian writer, and published in Soviet Estonia, it was learned here. The author describes how the last survivors of the Vilna and Kovno ghettoes were put to death in Kloge along with tens of thousands… More ▸

  • Three Estonian Nazis Sentenced to Death; Killed Thousands of Jews

    Three Estonians who served as Nazi police officials were sentenced to death yesterday by a Soviet court in Tallinn, Estonia, for the massmurder of 125,000 victims, mostly Jews, during the Second World War, it was reported here. Two of the condemned men, Ralf Gerrets, 55, and Jan Vijk, 44, were present at the trial and… More ▸

  • Jewish Survivors Testify at Soviet Trial of Estonian Murderers

    Jewish survivors of wartime brutality inflicted by pro-Nazi Estonian elements have been brought to Tallinn from East European countries to testify at the trial of Ralph Gerrets and Jan Vijk, charged by a Soviet tribunal with complicity in the wartime Nazi murder of 125, 000 persons, mostly Jews, it was reported today from Tallinn, the… More ▸

  • Soviet Tribunal Condemns Two Estonian Nazis for Murder of Jews

    Two Estonian members of the Nazi SS pleaded guilty before a Soviet tribunal in Tallinn today to charges of complicity in the slaughter of 125,000 persons during the Nazi occupation of Estonia, most of them Jews. The two men were identified a as Ralf Gerrets and Jan Vijk. They described to the court the machine-gunning… More ▸