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  • Jewish Survivors Testify at Soviet Trial of Estonian Murderers

    Jewish survivors of wartime brutality inflicted by pro-Nazi Estonian elements have been brought to Tallinn from East European countries to testify at the trial of Ralph Gerrets and Jan Vijk, charged by a Soviet tribunal with complicity in the wartime Nazi murder of 125, 000 persons, mostly Jews, it was reported today from Tallinn, the… More ▸

  • Soviet Tribunal Condemns Two Estonian Nazis for Murder of Jews

    Two Estonian members of the Nazi SS pleaded guilty before a Soviet tribunal in Tallinn today to charges of complicity in the slaughter of 125,000 persons during the Nazi occupation of Estonia, most of them Jews. The two men were identified a as Ralf Gerrets and Jan Vijk. They described to the court the machine-gunning… More ▸

  • 2,000 Jews Still Reside in Estonia, Tallin Jewish Leader Reports

    There are still some 2,000 Jews living in Soviet Estonia, Yeshoua Oko, 73, former president of a synagogue in Tallin, capital city of Estonia, reported here. He was one of a party of 22 immigrants from various Eastern European countries to arrive in Israel today. Mrs. Riva Zanotzkaya, 65, another of the immigrants, who came… More ▸

  • Wish Survivors of Nazi Mass-murder in Estonia Seek Relatives Through JTA

    Only about 85 men and women of the thousands of Vilna Jews who were sent by the Germans to slave labor in Klooga, Estonia, succeeded in escaping the massacre carried out by the Nazis on Sept. 19, two days before the retreat of the German army from Estonia, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent established upon… More ▸

  • Jewish Slave Laborers Executed by Germans in Estonia Before Hasty Retreat

    British correspondents taken from Moscow to Tallin, the capital of liberated Estonia, today cabled details of German mass-murder of Jewish slave laborers two days before the Germans retreated from Tallin. The correspondents spoke to a few of the twenty Jews who escaped extermination because of the German haste in leaving the city. The survivors described… More ▸

  • Bill to Alter Status of Minorities Withdrawn in Estonia

    The Government has withdrawn the bill providing for a change in the status of minorities. The Jewish minority will continue to enjoy full cultural autonomy. The Jewish Cultural Board has applied to General Laidoner, the Army chief, to permit correspondence with persons abroad in Yiddish, in addition to Estonian, Latvian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, English, French… More ▸

  • Russians, Jews, Swedes Would Send Joint Delegate to Estonian Council

    Russians, Jews and Swedes would elect a joint minorities representative to the State Council under a project submitted to the Estonian Parliament. The election committee would be composed of four Russians, two Jews and two Swedes. The election will be held in March if the bill is adopted by Parliament. More ▸

  • Refugees Stranded in Lithuania by Travel Curbs Imposed by Sweden, Estonia

    Refugees from Poland, Germany and Czecho-Slovakia, including holders of valid visas for the United States, are stranded in Lithuania as result of an announcement made here by the Swedish Navigation Company and Swedish airlines that they will carry no passengers of Polish, German and Czech nationalities if they are of military age, that is between… More ▸

  • Estonia Bars Jewish Refugees

    No more Jewish refugees from Austria and Germany will be admitted to Estonia, according to an interview with Estonian minister of Welfare O. Kask published here. The Jewish problem becomes acute only in countries where the small number of Jews strongly influences economic life, the Minister declared. More ▸