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  • Jew Named to Estonia’s Upper House for First Time

    Heinrich Gutkin, vice-president of the Jewish Community, was appointed today to the Upper Chamber of Parliament by presidential decree. It is the first time the Jews have has direct representation in the upper house, which consists of 40 members ten of whom are appointed by the President. More ▸

  • Estonian Jews to Have One Member in Upper Chamber

    The Government will give the Jews one seat in the Upper Chamber of Parliament, President Konstantin Paets has informed Hirsch Eisenstadt, chairman of the Cultural Board of the Jews of Estonia. The President can name ten of the eighty members of the Chamber and one of them will be a member of the Jewish minority… More ▸

  • British Embassy Window in Estonia Smashed

    A window of the British Embassy here was broken today by a stone wrapped in rags containing a message demanding removal of Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope as High Commissioner of Palestine. Two kronen were enclosed with the message as compensation for the broken window. The message also demanded that Jewish self-defence be permitted in Palestine. More ▸

  • Estonian Jews Forced to Aid German Group

    The Jews of Estonia find themselves in a dilemma, being forced, in the interest of national minority rights, to work together with the German minority against the project to introduce a numerus clausus in the Estonian University. The numerus clausus demanded is directed mainly against the Germans and is aimed to prevent Nazi influence in… More ▸

  • Student Group Asks Estonian Minority Quota

    Nazi intrigue in the Baltic States, particularly in Estonia, where there is a strong German minority, led to the adoption today of a memorandum by the Parliament of Estonian Students asking the institution of a numerus clauses for minority students in the university here. The memorandum will be submitted to the Ministry of Education. Though… More ▸

  • Ask Estonian Minority Quota

    sums, but nobody wishes to buy them. Their owners are lucky when peasants from the neighboring villages come and are willing to offer as much as fifty cents for each piece of furniture. “It is not difficult,” the paper says, “to imagine how precarious the Jewish position is in the provinces if Jewish misery is… More ▸

  • Hitler’s ‘mein Kampf’ Comes out in Estonian

    Reichsfuehrer Hitler’s autobiography, “Mein Kampf,” was published here today in Estonian. The translator is F. Halman, son of an Estonian industrialist. Although an Estonian citizen, Halman is now serving in the ranks of the German storm troopers. Halman has received a personal letter of thanks from Hitler, who also expressed a hope that the Estonian… More ▸

  • Estonia Spurns Bias Efforts of Nazi Minority

    Nazi intrigue in the Baltic states, particularly in Estonia, where there is a strong German minority, has led to strict control of schools operated by minority groups, and has had its repercussions in Jewish circles here. Some time ago authorities discovered that a number of Nazis had been elected members of the Estonian school council… More ▸

  • Alarming Reports from Pskov in Estonian Press

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Alarming reports from the district of Pskov are reported in despatches received by the Estonian press. According to these despatches, the distressful economic condition of the peasants in that district led to a rebellion of the peasants, which developed into massacres. Soviet institutions were burned down, the officials killed and their corpses… More ▸