• News Brief

    A retired Israeli spy has published a memoir on his role in rescuing Ethiopian Jewish refugees. Gad Shimron’s “Mossad Exodus,” just out in English, tells of how thousands of Jews who had fled their native Ethiopia to neighboring Sudan were secretly spirited to Israel by sea and air between 1982 and 1984. The mission, codenamed… More ▸

  • Families of Yeshiva Victims Inspire with Their Love of Faith

    Condolence visits are part of a rabbi’s life, but no one ever taught us how to make nine visits in a 48-hour period. We arrived in Israel on the morning of March 11 and left the following night. Our mission, representing the Rabbinical Council of America, was to express solidarity with the families of the… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines is Israel Capping Ethiopian Aliyah?

    In a sign that Israel is taking steps to cap the number of future Ethiopian immigrants, the Interior Ministry has begun delivering rejection notices to Ethiopian petitioners deemed ineligible for aliyah. Since 2004, Israel has been bringing 300 Ethiopian immigrants to Israel each month from among a pool of several thousand Ethiopian aliyah petitioners. The… More ▸

  • Jta’s Series on Saudi Arabia Wins Top Jewish Media Award

    JTA won the American Jewish Press Association’s top award for an investigative series for the third straight year. “Tainted Teachings: Islam and Education,” by Lisa Hostein, Sue Fishkoff and JTA staff, won first prize for comprehensive coverage or investigative reporting. The award was one of five Simon Rockower Awards for Excellence in Jewish Journalism that… More ▸

  • Arrest of Ethiopian Aid Official Raises Concern for Falash Mura Fate

    The arrest of the local director of the Jewish aid compound in the Ethiopian city of Gondar is prompting growing concern about the future of thousands of Falash Mura waiting to immigrate to Israel. The arrest last week of the official, Getu Zemene, led to the temporary closure of the Gondar aid compound, a multisite… More ▸

  • Travel There Are Few Creature Comforts, but Ethiopia Has Rich Jewish History

    The ferry ride across the river is brief, two or three minutes in a small wooden dinghy with a plastic awning that barely fends off the midday sun. With three foreigners, a rangy pilot and his youthful assistant, our craft is relatively empty — at least, compared to the adjacent boat that perches perilously low… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture on American Tour, Israeli Comic Tells Stories of Ethiopian Heritage

    As part of his one-man theatrical comedy, “It Sounds Better in Amharic,” Israeli actor Yossi Vassa recounted scenes from his youth in Uzava, the northern Ethiopian village where he was raised. “Children would run through lush meadows during spring,” he recently told a sold-out crowd at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco,… More ▸

  • Ad Campaign by Israel, Group Aims to Boost Ethiopian-israeli Image

    The sound of lilting music grows louder as the camera zooms in on a face in shadow. In the corner of the television screen the person’s statistics are flashed: age 25, lawyer, represents Israel abroad. A light is then cast onto the face, revealing a young Ethiopian Israeli woman wearing a business suit. In accentless… More ▸

  • Veteran Ethiopian Israeli Community Divided on Falash Mura’s Immigration

    Overlooking the panorama of Jerusalem’s Old City at twilight a group of Ethiopians teenagers argue whether or not the Falash Mura community should be brought to Israel en masse. “If they are Jewish, why not?” says Sharon Balata, a 16-year-old from Ashdod. “But no, they are Christian,” protests her friend Yardena Yamrashet, 18, from Rehovot…. More ▸