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  • Focus on Issues: Ethiopian Anger over Blood Bank Reveals Community’s Deep Agony

    While Israelis, including many in the Ethiopian community, were shocked by the enormity of Sunday’s violent confrontations between Ethiopian Jews and Jerusalem police, perhaps they should not have been. For more than a decade, after Israel airlifted tens of thousands of Jews from famine-ridden Ethiopia from 1984 to 1985 and again in 1991, community leaders… More ▸

  • Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Ethiopian Protesters in Capital

    Claiming that Israel is a racist county, thousands of Ethiopian immigrants converged on the Prime Minister’s Office this week to decry what they termed the nation’s “discriminatory practices.” Leaders of Israel’s Ethiopian community organized Sunday’s demonstration after the Israeli daily Ma’ariv revealed that Magen David Adom, which operates the country’s nationwide blood bank, routinely discards… More ▸

  • Israel Disposes Ethiopian Blood

    Israel’s Ethiopian community was enraged this week after media reports that the country’s blood banks had for years been accepting their donations, but disposing the blood for fear that it was contaminated with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. “We are blood brothers with the Israelis but our blood is thrown in the garbage because… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Jews Share Experience with African American Teen-agers

    Bring a half-dozen Ethiopian Jewish teen-agers from Israel together with teens from the ghettos of Brooklyn and what do you get? A lot of questions, sprinkles of giggles and a dollop of insight. Six Ethiopians, all of whom were airlifted to Israel in the early 1980s in Operation Moses, last week toured high schools in… More ▸

  • U.S. Envoy Who Died in Bosnia Aided Exodus of Ethiopian Jews

    Fleeing a civil war and hoping to make their way to Israel, 20,000 Jews arrived in Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia, five years ago with no place to live and little to eat. Robert Frasure, then deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia, hopped on a truck and helped embassy staffers unload tents and… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Immigrant Kills Woman Who Refused Marriage

    An Ethiopian immigrant to Israel has shot and killed a woman who refused to become his wife. He later killed himself in her apartment, located in Ramla. Their parents had arranged the marriage when they were still children living in Ethiopia, according to friends. The man was incensed by the 20-year-old woman’s refusal to fulfill… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Jews Mark First Rabbinic Ordinations in Israel

    The first group of Ethiopian Jews to be ordained as rabbis in Israel were officially appointed to their new status at a ceremony at Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue this week. The group of twelve had undergone seven years of training in Israel. All had come to Israel on Operation Moses, the first mass airlift to Ethiopian… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Immigrant Group Charges Educational Neglect

    Misguided Israeli educational policies are “steadily transforming Ethiopian immigrants into a black underclass,” according to a report just published by the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews. Titled “Creating an Underclass: How Israel’s Educational System is Failing Immigrant Youth,” the report accuses the government of providing substandard education to Ethiopian immigrants and of segregating them from… More ▸

  • Israel Marks 10th Year of Airlift As Debate over Jewish Identity Goes on

    On the 10th anniversary of Operation Moses, the first airlift of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, government officials called on Israel’s chief rabbis to recognize Ethiopian immigrants as full Jews. “Find the courage to do this,” Absorption Minister Yair Tsaban exhorted the chief rabbis, who have questioned the authenticity of the Ethiopians’ Judaism, which dates back… More ▸