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Federation of Polish Jews

  • France Prepared to Admit 5,000 Polish Jews; to Issue 1,000 Entry Visas Immediately

    France is prepared to accept 5,000 Jewish immigrants from Poland and will issue 1,000 entry visas immediately, M. Hugues, chief of cabinet to the Minister of Interior, today told a delegation of Polish Jews. The delegation was headed by I. Skornicki, president of the Polish Jews of France, and included Joseph Arnold, vice-president of the… More ▸

  • Survivors of Kielce Pogrom Are to Be Evacuated to Lodz and Lower Silfsia

    The more than 150 survivors of the Kielce pogrom will be evacuated to Lodz and Lower Silesia, the JDC announced today on the basis of a cable received from its director in Poland. The Central Jewish Committee of Poland and the government will cooperate in the transfer. The JDC representative, William Bein, said that the… More ▸

  • American Federation of Polish Jews Appealed to Polish Primate

    A plea to the Catholic Church in Poland to raise its voice against anti-Semitism was cabled today to the Catholic Primate of Poland, August Cardinal Hlend, by Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, president of the American Federation for Polish Jews. Recalling that during his interview with the Polish Primate in Warsaw last month, Cardinal Hlond had promised… More ▸

  • Uruguayan Government to Authorize Immigration of 1,000 Orphaned Jewish Children

    The Urguyan Government will soon authorize immigration of 1,000 orphaned Jewish children from Europe between the ages of 4 and 22, it was reported here. The plan for the immigration of the children was proposed by the Federation of Polish Jews. According to the Federation’s plan, the children would be brought into the country by… More ▸

  • Jews in Poland Suffer Unprecedented Hunger; Beg Bread from Germans in Silesia

    Jews in Poland are suffering unprecedented starvation, Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, president of the American Federation of Polish Jews, reported at a press conference today following his return from a visit to Poland. Even in Lower Silesia, where thousands of Polish Jews repatriated from Soviet Russia are trying to start their life anew by working on… More ▸

  • French Interior Minister Promise European Jews Asylum, Transit Through France

    French Minister of Interior Andre Le Troquer today promised a delegation of the Federation of Polish Jews that France will offer asylum and transit facilities for Jewish refugees in Europe. The delegation included Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, president of the American Federation of Polish Jews, and Piarre Skornicki and S. Rosenblum, of the French organization of… More ▸