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Federation of Polish Jews

  • ‘no Place for Anti-semitism in New Poland,’ Embassy Aide Tells Parley

    A declaration that “in the new Poland there will be no place for anti-Semitism” was made today by Michael Kwapieszewski, First Counsellor of the Polish Embassy, before the 32nd annual convention of the Federation of Polish Jews in America. “During the last few months,” Kwapieszewski said, “Poland has learned much about the loyalty of her… More ▸

  • Refugees from Belgium Reach Paris, Tell of Bombings

    Groups of Jewish refugees from Belgium began reaching Paris today. Today’s arrivals were estimated at several hundred, consisting chiefly of Polish Jews coming from Antwerep, but also including German emigres, most of them penniless and some of whom crossed the frontier on foot under German bombardment and machine-gunning by planes. The refugees had no difficulty… More ▸

  • State Department Reports on Funds Spent for Relief

    The State Department has issued a tabulation of funds collected for relief in belligerent countries and for refugees from these countries from Sept. 6, 1939, through March, 1940. Among the organizations listed and the funds they spent for relief are: American Committee for Christian Refugees, $8,537; American Friends Service Committee, $17,620; American Jewish Joint Distribution… More ▸

  • Holiday Furloughs Cancelled As Polish Legion Faces Call to Norwegian Front

    Passover leaves for the approximately 15,000 Jews in the Polish Legion were cancelled today as the Polish Government-in-exile prepared to send Polish troops from France to Norway as part of the Allied expeditionary force. The Jewish Consistory and the Federation of Polish Jews in France announced cancellation of the Passover feast scheduled to be held… More ▸

  • Szoszkies Honored at Dinner Here; Named Field Director of Polish Jewish Group

    A dinner for Dr. Henry Szoszkies, former member of the executive board of the Warsaw Jewish Community, was held last night in honor of his appointment as national field director of the Federation of Polish Jews in America. In a speech, Dr. Szoszkies outlined a three-point program for extending the federation’s work and strengthening its… More ▸

  • Polish Jewish Groups Move to Unite Relief Action

    A resolution to set up a central committee to coordinate relief activities of Polish Jewish societies was adopted today at a conference at the Hotel Astor called by the Federation of Polish Jews of America. The meeting was attended by 450 delegates representing 100 societies. Another resolution urged publication by the Federation of a Black… More ▸

  • Women’s Group Ships Clothing

    Twenty bales consisting of 10,000 pounds of used clothing are being shipped tomorrow on the S.S. Vulcania to Polish war refugees in Hungary by Ezra, women’s division of the Federation of the Federation of Polish Jews in America, it was announced today. More ▸

  • Jews, Poles Brought Closer by Persecution, Szoszkes Holds

    As a result of Nazi persecution in Poland, Jews and non-Jews have been brought closer together than ever before. Dr. Henryk Szoszkes a former leader of the Warsaw Jewish Community and now a Polish honorary consul, declared today at a luncheon of the Federation of Polish Jews in America at the Hotel Astor. The luncheon… More ▸

  • Polish Jews’ Federation Protests Sending of Haller to U.S.

    The Federation of Polish Jews in America today voiced its protest at the choice of General Jozef Haller, member of the exiled Polish cabinet, as good-will emissary to this country. General Haller arrived here last Friday on the Rex. The action, in the form of a resolution adopted by the federation’s political committee, was based… More ▸