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Federation of Ukrainian Jews

  • Annual Ort Convention to Be Held Next Sunday

    The annual Convention of the American Ort which will deal with the problems of Jewish reconstruction in Eastern and Central Europe will take place on Sunday, April 22d at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Delegates will attend, representing the Workmen’s Circle, Independent Order Brith Abraham, Indpendent Order B’nai Brith, Independent Order Brith Sholom and Free Sons of… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Quotas for 35 cities in the United Palestine Appeal in the Seaboard region were adopted at a conference opened here Sunday at the Richmond Hotel. Five hundred delegates were present. The conference was addressed by Mr. Morris Rothenberg and Rabbi Wolf Gold. FEDERATION OF UKRAINIAN JEWS HOLDS CONVENTION The annual convention of the Federation of… More ▸

  • Yiddish Press of New York Voices Comment on Schwartzbard Verdict

    Paris Jury Fastened Guilt on Petlura, Exonerated Schwartzbard and Ukrainian People, is Concensus of Opinion; Better Relations between Ukrainians and Jews Sought A statement formulating the views of Ukrainian Jews in this country was issued by the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in the United States following the conclusion of the Schwartzbard trial. “Acquitting Schwartzbard, the… More ▸

  • Warns Against Danger of Spiritual Race Suicide

    “If the Jewish children of today are not given a Jewish education, in two or three generations there will be no Jews in the United States,” Jonah J. Goldstein, chairman of the $500,000 scholarship Campaign of the Jewish Education Association, declared in a radio talk over Station WEAF Wednesday night. “What the Jews have most… More ▸

  • News Brief

    “The cables and the wireless are working: the people of Roumiania, as well as its leaders, will have heard by tomorrow morning how all the people of this united, great nation feel on this subject. The awakening is bound to come. God speed the day.” Judge Mack concluded. ROUMANIA STRICKEN WITH ANTI-SEMITIC DISEASE, DR. WISE… More ▸

  • British Jewry Sends Fund to Poland for Relief of Stricken Brethren

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The entire reserve fund of the Jewish War Victims was allotted for credit and aid work in Poland. This allotment, amounting to £5,000, is a part of the efforts now undertaken by British Jewry to relieve the distress of the Jewish population in Poland. The £5,000 will be placed at the disposal… More ▸

  • Relief Conference for Polish Jews Called in London

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Representatives of the Anglo-Jewish Board of Deputies will attend the relief conference for Polish Jews, according to a decision of the Board of Deputies. The conference was convened by the Federation of Ukrainian Jews and will take place on April 11. More ▸

  • News Brief

    A campaign to raise funds for the relief of Polish Jews will be started in England, according to a decision of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews. This decision was taken by the Federation, following a session at which Dr. Bernard Kahn, European representative of the Joint Distribution Committee, reported. A special conference will be called… More ▸

  • To the Editor of the Jewish Daily Bulletin

    Sir: Permit us to call your attention to an omission in the news which appeared in your Bulletin of November 27th, regarding the Conference on December 21st, to create an organization for helping Jewish ##ation in Soviet Russian. You state that “the appeal is signed by a number of Jewish labor leaders”. As a matter… More ▸

  • New Facts About the Immigration of Ukrainian Jewish Refugees to Canada

    Sir: In August 1923, a committee of the Executive of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in America was invited to confer with a committee of Jewish philanthropic organizations with the object of devising ways and means for the assistance of Ukrainian Jewish refugees, who were stranded in Roumanian and Poland, Nine thousand of them who… More ▸