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Federation of Ukrainian Jews

  • Daily Digest of World Public Opinion on Jewish Matters

    In connection with the case of Captain Rosenbluth, who was acquitted the other day on the charge of murder, Mr. Louis Marshall has brought out in the columns of the Times of yesterday the part which was played by Mr. Henry Ford in this affair. Throughout the prosecution of the Jewish army officer the Dearborn… More ▸

  • American Ort Reorganized As Independent Body

    The American Ort Society (the society for the spreading of technical trades and agriculture among the Jews) was reorganized as an independent body, at the conference which–was held on June 15th at the Hotel Shelburne, Brighton Beach, New York, 164 delegates representing sixteen national organizations and a large number of local organizations constituted the body… More ▸

  • Stranded Emigrants Crowd American Consulates for Visas

    The American Consulates in London, Paris and Warsaw are being beseiged by numbers of prospective emigrants and stranded immigrants, who are inquiring for information concerning the possibilities of obtaining visas for America. The only answer given by the Consular officials is “No thing known, no instructions received.” Great consternation and excitement is prevailing among the… More ▸

  • Hias Delegation Arrives in London

    The delegation of the Hias, consisting of Messrs. B. Charney Vladeck, Albent Asossky and Aaron Benjamin of New York, arrived here today and was received by a delegation of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in England. After a special conference with the representatives of the Ukrainian Federation and the shipping companies, the Hias delegation decided… More ▸

  • Rabbi and Idgescom Leader Both Fresh from Russia Describe Situation

    Delegates of Ukrainian Jewish organizations in New York listened to reports yesterday by two recent arrivals from the Ukraine which differed radically in content but agreed on the necessity of continued aid. Mr. “ashkas, head of the Idgescom in America who returned from Russia last week, was one of the speakers and Rabbi M. M…. More ▸

  • Dr Coralnik Elected President of Ukrainian Federation

    Dr. A. Coralnik associate editor of the DAY, New York Yiddish daily, has been elected president of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews, succeeding Dr. Benjamin Dubowsky, who resigned because of pressure of professional work. The Administrative committee of the Federation is projecting a wide scale relief program in the interest of the Jews in the… More ▸

  • 300,000 Jewish Orphans in Russia and Ukraine, Declares Dr. Bogen

    “Jewish relief work in Russia cannot stop for another year”, is the message from Moscow received by the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in London from Dr. Boris D. Bogen, representative of the J.D.C. in that country. “The Jewish problems make it imperative that we continue our relief work here. There are in the Ukraine and… More ▸

  • Recurrence of Famine in Odessa; Again Become a Living Tomb

    The Federation of Ukrainian Jews is informed of new outbreaks of famine in the city of Odessa. This is corroborated by a party of 152 refugees, who arrived from Odessa on the S. S. “Yorgioss” at Constanza, Roumania. The appearance of these refugees was terrible in the extreme. Clothed in rags, emaciated and wild-eyed, they… More ▸

  • Bulakiewitch, Pogromist and Insurrectionery, Killed by His Countrymen

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency will be glad to answer inquiries for further information about any of the news items contained in this Bulletin. General Bulak Bulakewitch, well known anti-Bolshevist insurrectionary leader of White Russia, and for some time a fugitive in Poland from Soviet justice, has been found murdered in the vicinity of the Bialowierz… More ▸

  • I.o.b.a. Elects Judge Levy for Another Term

    The 37th annual convention of the Independent Order Brith Abraham, characterized by Judge Aaron J. Levy, the re-elected Grandmaster, as the “most orderly and dignified ever held” by the I.O.B.A., adjourned today amidst repeated mutual assurances of “loyalty, amity and harmony,” after a three-day session beginning Sunday, 911 Delegates representing 503 lodges having been reported… More ▸