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Federation of Ukrainian Jews

  • Ukrainian Jews Decide to Continue Aid

    Continuance of aid for the nearly three million ###### is the Ukrains was strongly urged, and propagation ### the ### has passed as strongly de###### convention of the National ### of ### in the Hotel McAlpin. The speakers included Dr. Benjamin ###, of the Federation, who presided, Captain Pexion ### a representative of the ###… More ▸

  • Ukraine Federation to Send Food Parcels Through Nansen

    In view of the American Relief Administration’s stoppage of its food remittance activity in Russia, the London Federation of Ukrainian Jews has made arrangements with Dr. Nansen, High Commissioner for the Relief of Europe, and the International Committee of the Red Cross whereby kosher food parcels may be sent to individuals in Russia and the… More ▸

  • Charges “hias” Violates European Pledges

    Announcnig the withdrawal of the London Federation of Ukrainian Jews from the United Jewish Emigration Committee, Rabbi Yochelman, Chairman, denounces the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of America (Hias) on the score of its European program. The “Hias”, Rabbi Yochelman said, never kept its promises, acted dictatorily and artificially delayed the establishment of the proposed Emigration… More ▸

  • Federation of Ukrainian Jews Cooperates with Nansen

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (J.C.B.) will be glad to answer inquiries for further information about any of the news items contained in this Bulletin. The American office of the High Commission of Dr. Fridtjof Nansen for relief of Russia, at 1 Madison Avenue, New York City, announces today the completion of an arrangement for mutual… More ▸

  • Idgescom Challenges “joint” Assertion

    The Joint Distribution Committee had no authority to issue its recent appeal to landsmanschaften desiring to send money for the founding of credit institutions in their native towns in Russia, according to a statement issued by the Idgescom today. The appeal of the JDC stated that it would see that proper committees were appointed in… More ▸

  • Jewish Relief Workers Arrested in Odessa

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (J.G.B.) will be glad to answer inquiries for further information about any of the news items contained in this Bulletin Professor Jacob Schwartzman and Solomon Lazarovitch, a Jewish newspaperman, both of whom acted as representatives of the London Federation of Ukrainian Jews, were arrested here on charges preferred by the “Toheka”,… More ▸

  • Soviets Would Keep Children in Russia

    Returning from the Ukraine, where he spent several months as the representative of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in London, Mr. Ochberg confirms previous reports that the value of food parcels purchased through the ARA is in some places not above $5. Mr. Ochberg advises relatives and friends to send money and clothing, particularly the… More ▸

  • Arrange for Money Transfer to Russia

    The Federation of Ukrainian Jews has concluded an agreement with a semi-official Soviet business agency known as the “Arcos” whereby the company undertakes to transfer money to all parts of Russia and the Ukraine, paying out in dollars or pounds sterling. The “Arcos” undertakes to charge only 3% commission for remittances to Petrograd and Moscow,… More ▸

  • Ukraine Implores Assistance

    Cables describing the situation in the Ukraine and imploring the assistance of Jews and others in combatting hunger and exposure, which is spreading again at an alarming rate have been received here by the Federation of Ukrainian Jews. Epidemics are said to result from the famine, and appalling mortality is witnessed in consequence of the… More ▸