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  • Women Say No Violence at Wall Service is a Good Sign

    The women who gathered at the Western Wall this week are taking it as a good sign that they were able to hold a prayer service without any major incident. Members of the group Women of the Wall say they are optimistic that the government will carry out a recent High Court of Justice ruling… More ▸

  • Israeli Legislators Propose Prison for Women Worshipers

    A week after the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that women are entitled to read from the Torah and wear prayer shawls at the Western Wall, fervently Orthodox lawmakers have initiated legislation that would send to prison for seven years any women who do just that. Last week’s ruling is also under attack from the Israeli… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Fervently Orthodox legislators in Israel’s Knesset plan to present a bill next week aimed at bypassing a High Court of Justice ruling allowing the Women of the Wall group to pray at the Western Wall. The Shas Party, which initiated the bill, hopes to exploit a six-month timetable the court gave the government to make… More ▸

  • Religious Pluralism Advocates Hail ‘victories’ for Prayer at Kotel

    Advocates of religious pluralism in Israel are hailing what they are calling two major breakthroughs in efforts to enable all Jews to pray as they see fit at Judaism’s holiest site. In a landmark ruling Monday that caps an 11-year legal battle, Israel’s High Court of Justice recognized the right of Women of the Wall… More ▸

  • Mysterious Feminists Make Noise for Purim, and Some Aren’t Amused

    They’re back. A mysterious group of Jewish feminists that last fall circulated provocative Rosh Hashanah cards and advertisements in the New York area has resurfaced for Purim. Jewish Women Watching, a group that does not identify its members and leaves only an e-mail address — — as contact information, is mailing to Jewish agencies… More ▸

  • News Brief

    A Jewish feminist group that sent out provocative Rosh Hashanah cards and advertisements last fall has resurfaced for Purim. The New York-based Jewish Women Watching, which operates anonymously, is distributing to various Jewish agencies groggers bearing the slogan “drown out sexism.” More ▸

  • Human Rights Improve in Israel, but Worsen in Palestinian Areas

    Israel’s human rights record improved last year while that of the Palestinian Authority grew worse, according to the U.S. State Department. The findings were included in the department’s annual report on human rights, which covered 194 countries. Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority “were responsible for serious human rights abuses; however, while there were several… More ▸

  • Orthodox Prenuptials Would Save Couples from Future Grief, Rabbi Says

    A group of influential Orthodox rabbis has thrown its weight behind prenuptial agreements in an effort to persuade more young couples to sign such documents before they marry. Eleven roshei yeshiva, or senior professors of Talmud, at the rabbinical school of Yeshiva University, have signed on to a statement urging greater use of pre- marriage… More ▸