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  • 100 Sick Jewish Children from Poland En Route to Finland to Recuperate

    One hundred sick Jewish children are expected to arrive here shortly en route to Finland, where they have been invited to recuperate by the Finnish Jewish community. The Swedish Government granted funds to cover the children’s trip from Poland to Finland. It is not planned to return the children to Poland after they recover, but… More ▸

  • Arrest Finnish Officer Responsible for Return of Jewish Refugees to Germany

    Lieut, Aari Kauhanen, formerly of the Finnish state police, who was responsible for the extradition of Jewish refugees to Germany, has been arrested, the Morgan Tidningen reports today. Kauhanen, who acted as liaison officer between the Gestapo and the Finnish police, personally escorted to Germany a Berlin Jewish journalist named Kernik, whose extradition was requested… More ▸

  • J.D.C. Announces Special Grant for Refugee Jews from Finland Now in Sweden

    The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee today announced a special grant for the relief and maintenance of 115 stateless Jews who fled from Finland just before the Nazis took control of that country several weeks ago. The stateless Jews reached safety in Sweden, where they are now being maintained. The J.D.C. has provided and continues… More ▸

  • Refugees Succeeded in Leaving Finland Prior to Break in U.s.-finnish Relations

    A total of 106 Jewish refugees succeeded in reaching here from Finland prior to the rupture of diplomatic relations between the United States and Finland, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported today. With American-Finnish relations severed, the few Jewish refugees remaining in Finland can no longer be aided by American diplomats, the paper points out. More ▸

  • Jewish Refugees in Finland Fail to Move to Sweden with American Diplomats

    Only two Jews accompanied the American diplomatic party which has arrived here from Finland following the rupture of relations with the United States, Stockholm newspapers disclose. It had been expected that 60 Jewish refugees, the only non-Finnish Jews still residing in Finland, were to come here with the Americans. Officials of the American legation said… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders in Finland Intervene for Mistreated Russian-jewish War Prisoners

    Jews in Finland have succeeded in securing from the British military authorities the segregation in a separate camp of about 200 Jewish prisoners taken on the Russian front, it was reported here today by Jewish refugees arriving from Helsinki. The measure became necessary in view of the mistreatment of Russian-Jewish war prisoners by German soldiers… More ▸

  • United States Government Secured Transfer of Jewish Refugees from Finland to Sweden

    Intercession by the American Government with the Swedish and Finnish foreign offices was responsible for the transfer of 100-odd Jewish refugees from Finland, it is reported today by the Stockholm newspaper Nya Dagligt Allehanda. Many of the refugees have already arrived here. It is understood that they will be permitted to remain in Sweden until… More ▸

  • Concern Felt for Jews in Finland if Germans Seize Full Control of Country

    Jewish circles here are concerned over the possibility that “changes” in the Russe-Finnish situation may result in the Jews in Finland being out off from all avenues of escape in event of an open German occupation of that country. Although the Swedish Government is still pursuing the policy of admitting all legitimate refugees who seek… More ▸