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  • Happy Chanukah from Hollywood!

    Seems like celebs enjoy celebrating the Festival of Lights just as much as the wee folk do! Here are a few examples of our favorite famous Tribers getting in the holiday spirit: Alicia Silverstone’s 8 days of vegan cheer: In line with her green-loving beliefs, Alicia Silverstone is posting eight days of traditional Jewish recipes… More ▸

  • Celebs to McDonalds: “I’m Hatin’ It”

    Move over, PETA. Alicia Silverstone (our Jewish hook here), Ryan Gosling, and Zooey Deschanel (to name a few of the 10 irate celebrities involved) are metaphorically throwing red paint all over McDonald’s fur coat. After a recent controversy, the fast-food giant immediately severed ties with Sparboe farms, an egg supplier accused of engaging in animal… More ▸

  • East Coast Bagels vs. West Coast Bagels!

    The nice people from TMZ decided to do a little blind taste test to determine which bagel is better: New York or Los Angeles. Despite my love for the Best Coast, I didn’t even know there was a competition between the two, though L.A. ones seems chubbier and more filling. But come on! New York… More ▸

  • Ben & Jerry have ‘Schweddy Balls’

    The group is outraged over  Ben & Jerry’s new “Schweddy Balls” flavor. Don’t get the joke? Check out this video from Saturday Night Live: Now Lashon Holly loves Alec Baldwin and really loves a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But we know better than to mix meat and milk — so, no, we weren’t… More ▸

  • Larry David, Palestinian chicken and comedic timing

    Last night’s episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" — wherein a Palestinian chicken restaurant opens up next door to a Jewish deli — is being hailed by bloggers as one of Larry David’s finest. While staring at the pro-Palestinian posters that adorn the restaurant, Larry proposes that Palestinians engage in a chicken-based solution for Mideast peace: Larry: We’re… More ▸

  • Timeline: Kosher food fights for Jewish prisoners

    An article in The Forward this week reveals that kosher meal provisions in California state prisons are being targeted for state budget cuts; the same is true in Nevada, According to the Las Vegas Review Journal. The online trade newsletter Kosher Today claims that the demand for Kosher food in prisons today is valued at… More ▸