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  • Foxman’s Israel censure was arrogance

    To the Editor: Pardon me, but this is a bad joke, right? How in the name of God does Abraham Foxman summon the bald-faced, cast-iron gall to "slam" Israel about anything pertaining to its sovereign actions as an autonomous state? To say that this is vanity and arrogance just plain run amok is an understatement…. More ▸

  • ADL rushed to judgment on Limbaugh

    To the Editor: We Jews do not do ourselves a favor when, without having firsthand knowledge of an event, we condemn people of despicable actions. I heard Rush Limbaugh "condemning Jews" on his broadcast – a complete misinterpretation that was used by Abraham Foxman to charge Limbaugh with border anti-Semitism. Nothing could be further from… More ▸