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Funny Jews

  • Jason Segel was a nobody to Michelle Williams before they met

    He’s cute, funny, and super tall, but when his girlfriend, Michelle Williams, first laid eyes on Jason Segel, she had no idea who he was. “I didn’t actually realize who he was before I started dating him,” Williams told InStyle Magazine. “I mean, I saw the Muppets movie, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s cute,’ but the truth… More ▸

  • Is Jesse Heiman the new James Deen?

    Looks like the Jewish community may have a new porn king on our hands, especially now that Ron Jeremy is in the hospital. Jesse Heiman, the lucky lucky nerd who stole the pride of every man in America after making out with Bar Refaeli for a Super Bowl commercial, has since been offered roles in… More ▸

  • Judd Apatow might make his “Knocked Up” series a trilogy

    Judd Apatow is preparing for total Hollywood domination. Following his recent film, “This is 40,” which was the sequel to his 2007 comedy “Knocked Up,” Apatow hinted he might plan to make a third film and turn the series into a trilogy. In an interview with Getty, the Jewish filmmaker said the next film would… More ▸

  • A Rabbi stops by ABC’s Shark Tank

    An Orthodox Jew dropped by ABC’s Shark Tank this past weekend, and using his sharp Rabbi skills, performed quite the pitch for his business venture. Rabbi Moshe Weiss, a father of three from St Paul, Minnesota, described his job as a Rabbi as taking a lot of faith, a virtue he likes to apply to his… More ▸

  • Lena Dunham is writing another HBO show

    HBO can’t get enough of Lena Dunham, which is perfectly fine by us. The actress and writer of HBO’s “Girls” is penning a new comedy for the network, according Deadline, with “Girls” executive producer Jenni Konner. The show will be based on the memoir Betty Halbreich, “All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go,” and will be about the… More ▸

  • Sarah Silverman will skype you if you donate money to solar energy

    Want Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman as a digital pen pal? Of course you do. All you have to do is donate $5,000 to Jerusalem-based solar energy company Energiya Global, which is run by her brother-in-law, Yosef “Captain Sunshine” Abramowitz. Abramowitz is an active supporter of green energy, initiating projects all around the world. His latest project involves a… More ▸

  • Max Greenfield shows Fallon photos from his SNL bar mitzvah

    Max Greenfield, the stud who plays Schmidt in FOX’s “The New Girl,” sat down with Jimmy Fallon last night to discuss his Emmy nomination and his SNL-themed Bar Mitzvah. Greenfield’s mom was the first person he called after he was nominated for a Golden Globe as a Supporting Actor, and when she heard Green was up… More ▸

  • Awkward photos of Jewish celebs surface on Internet

    Even the best looking people in Hollywood went through an awkward stage. New York Magazine got their hands on high school portraits of some celebrities, and some of the photos are just as awkward as mine and yours. Here are some throwback shots of our favorite Jewish celebrities: Anthony Weiner   James Franco   Mila… More ▸

  • No joke: Seinfeld is now rapping

    The hip-hop world is going to get quite funnier soon, as Jerry Seinfeld is preparing to appear in a new rap album by the rapper Wale. Four years ago, Wale made an album titled “The Mixtape About Nothing,” which is inspired by the classic nineties sitcom “Seinfeld,” and features samples from the show’s famous episodes,… More ▸