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  • Ghana Labor Will Not Emulate Histadrut, Minister Tells Parliament

    A denial that the government is trying to force on the labor movement in this country a new type of organization modeled along the lines of Histadrut in Israel was voiced in Parliament here today by a member of the Cabinet, Ako Adjei, Minister of Labor Cooperatives. Mr. Adjei made his statement on that point… More ▸

  • Ghana Leader Urges Local Labor to Model Its Structure on Histadrut

    John K. Tettehgah, secretary general of the Trade Union Council of Ghana, who recently studied Histadrut structure and operations in Israel, told a huge union meeting here that the new TUC structure, modelled on the Histadrut, would bring great benefits to Ghanian workers. Mr. Tettehgah said that under this plan conditions would be improved for… More ▸

  • Premier of Ghana Suggests U.S. Should Invite Nasser to Washington

    Kwame Nkrumah, Premier of Ghana, who is visiting the United States, suggested last night that the United States invite President Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic to “come and see America.” Premier Nkrumah said a visit by his “friend” Col. Nasser might improve the likelihood of an agreement between the UAR director and… More ▸

  • Ghana Premier Lauds Israel in Washington; Says Israel Aids His Country

    Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana today lauded Israel in an address before the National Press Club and indicated rejection of any United Arab Republic complaint against Ghana-Israel friendship. Dr. Nkruman said Israel might be a small country but that it had achieved remarkable development in ten years through the skill of its people. He… More ▸

  • Premier of Ghana Says He Agrees with Nasser on Africa, Not on Palestine

    Prime Minister Nkrumah of Ghana, who is currently visiting here, said today that he was in agreement with President Nasser of the United Arab Republic on the latter’s African policy but not in the Palestine question. ” The Prime Minister was commenting on a recent meeting between himself and the UAR Chief Executive. The Ghanian… More ▸

  • Ghana Premier Explains His View on “just Solution” of Palestine Problem

    Premier Nkrumah of Ghana explained today that the “just solution” of the Palestine question to which he referred in a recent joint statement with United Arab Republic President Nasser issued in Cairo was one to be found in terms of the United Nations Charter. The Premier made his explanation at his first press conference since… More ▸

  • Ghana Parliament Hears Report on Israel; Embassy to Be Established

    Ghanian-Israeli affairs were reviewed in the National Assembly today in a formal message to the body from the Governor General opening the session. The message reported plans for the setting up of a Ghanian Embassy in Israel and spoke of Israeli arrangements for providing the new African Commonwealth with technical advice for development projects. Also,… More ▸

  • Premier of Ghana Joins Nasser in Pledge Against Israel; Visits Cairo

    Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Prime Minister of Ghana. has agreed with President Gamel Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic that the two countries will continue to support the principles of the Afro-Asian countries adopted at Bandung. Indonesia, in April 1955 as well as to urge “a just solution of the Palestine question,” according to a… More ▸

  • Arab League Seeks to Undermine Relations Between Ghana and Israel

    Members of the Arab League have received detailed plans for expanding the boycott against Israel by attempts to undermine relations between Israel and Ghana, according to information received here today. New proposals worked out by the secretariat of the Israel boycott office of the League include the appointment of ambassadors to Ghana by all Arab… More ▸

  • Arabs Fail in Anti-israel Move at African States Parley at Ghana

    The United Arab Republic delegation to the first conference of independent African states has suffered a political setback in its failure to push through an anti-Israel resolution, it was noted here today at the conclusion of the conference. The UAR delegation is headed by Foreign Minister Mahmoud Fawzi who has rarely failed in recent years… More ▸