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  • Jewish and Polish Leaders Estimate 2,500,000 Jews Murdered in Occupied Poland

    Dr. Josef Rotinger, the 57-year old Polish leader who recently returned from a daring mission in occupied Poland, today told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that leaders of the underground movement, including some Jews, told him in Warsaw that at least 2,500,000 Jews had been exterminated by the Germans in Nazi-hold Poland. They estimated that there… More ▸

  • Moscow Jewish Committee Issues Report on Nazi Extermination of Jews in Kaunas

    Kaunas, the liberated capital of Lithuania, where only about 1,000 Jews have survived under the German occupation, had been used by the Nazis as an extermination center for Jews from western Europe, it was reported here today by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in a comprehensive survey of more than three years of Jewish life under… More ▸

  • Spectacular Trial of Germans Guilty in Mass-extermination of Jews to Be Held in Lublin

    The Soviet Government is making preparations for what will doubtless be a spectacular trial of the Germans charged with participating in mass-extermination of Jews in Lublin and in establishing “gas chambers” in the Lublin area where tens of thousands of Jews from Poland and other occupied countries were suffocated to death, the Moscow press reports… More ▸

  • Jews Battling Grimly on Streets of Warsaw; Only 200,000 Jews Survive in Poland

    Surviving Jews in Warsaw are now waging a grim battle on the streets of the Polish capital, together with the Poles, against the German occupation units, it was reported here today by Tomasz Arciszewski, chairman of the executive of the Polish Socialist party who has reached London from occupied Poland and was named by the… More ▸

  • Jewish Literary and Artistic Treasures Buried in Vilna to Be Unearthed

    Rare Jewish literary and artistic treasures which were buried in Vilna to save them from the Germans, who destroyed all the museums and libraries in the city, will soon be restored to their former resting places, it was learned here today. The Jewish poet Abrahab Sutskever, who spent more than two years in the Vilna… More ▸

  • 10,000 Jews Murdered in Kaunas Prior to German Retreat, British Correspondent Reports

    Ten-thousand Jews were murdered in Kaunas, capital of Lithuania, just prior to the German evacuation of the city, it is reported today by the Stockholm correspondent of the London Times. Information reaching the Swedish capital, he writes, says that the Jews fiercely resisted Nazi extermination squads, using arms which had been smuggled into the ghetto…. More ▸