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  • Jewish Woman, Disguised As Russian, Worked in German Headquarters in Minsk

    A 43-year-old Jewish teacher, who spent three years in German-held Minsk and the surrounding forests, told a Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent today how she worked as a charwoman for five months in German headquarters, enabling her to pass on invaluable information to the partisan bands around the city. The woman, red-haired Khassia Prusslina, an instructor… More ▸

  • JTA Correspondent Finds Only Twelve Jews Were Left Alive by Germans in Minsk

    Only twelve Jews remained alive in Minsk of the 80,000 Jews who lived in the city and of the 39,000 who were brought there from Berlin, Vienna and Prague, the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency established today upon arriving here. Ignatz Burstein, one of the twelve who miraculously escaped Nazi extermination, told the JTA… More ▸

  • Polish Jews in Russia Raise Fund to Commemorate Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto

    Polish Jews in Tadjikistan, Soviet Asia, recently held two memorial meetings in the city of Proletarsk for the Jews who fell in the battle of the Warsaw ghetto and decided to commemorate these heroes by collecting a fund to build a soviet tank unit named after them, it was reported here today by the Jewish… More ▸

  • Germans “liquidate” Ghetto in Dvinsk; No Jews Left in Minsk and in Vitebsk

    With the Russian Army advancing towards the Baltic countries, it was reported here today that the German authorities have “liquidated” the ghetto in the Latvian city of Dvinsk and transported the 11,000 Jews remaining there to an “unknown destination.” Swedish newspapers reporting details of the capture of Minsk by the Red Army, state that the… More ▸

  • Gestapo Leader Responsible for Massacres of Jews in Lithuania Named by Underground

    Swedish newspapers today quoted the latest issue of the Lithuanian underground publication, Laisves Kovotojas, reporting that the person responsible for the two-day massacre of Jews in the Kaunas ghetto which started March 27, is a Lithuanian-German leader of the Gestapo named Helke. He is also responsible for the torture of political prisoners in the Kaunas… More ▸

  • Jewish Guerrillas Escaped from Warsaw Ghetto Wipe out 2,000 German Troops

    More than 2,000 German soldiers have fallen before the guns of a group of Jewish partisans who escaped from the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto last Summer, it is reported in a message from underground sources received by the polish Government-in-Exile here today. After hiding for three months in the debris left after the German… More ▸

  • Common Sufferings of Jews and Christians Will Forge Good-will, Says Detroit Bishop

    Hope that the common sufferings of Jews and Christians in Europe under German rule will forge “new bonds of human solidarity and good-will” was expressed here last night by the Most Rev. Edward Mooney, Archbishop of Detroit, addressing a memorial meeting for the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto, arranged by the Jewish Community Council of… More ▸

  • Germans Eradicate Traces of Their Mass-executions of Jews in Poland; Burn Bodies

    German authorities in occupied Poland are now engaged in eradicating all traces of their mass-executions of Jews, it was reliably reported here today. Acting on instructions from Berlin, German administrators throughout Poland have ordered the exhumation of the bodies of Jews from mass-graves and the burning of these bodies so as to leave no trace… More ▸