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  • Governor Dewey Will Open Exhibit Dedicated to Myrters of Ghettos in Europe

    Thomas E. Dewey, Governor of the State of New York, will be the main speaker at the opening of an exhibit of photographs and documents entitled “Heross and Martyrs of the European Ghottes,” at the Vanderbilt Gallory, on April 19, it was announced here today. The exhibition, dedicated to the commemoration of the second anniversary… More ▸

  • Destruction of Latvian Jewry Reported by Soviet Investigating Commission

    The destruction of Latvian Jewry by the Germans is disclosed in a report of the State Commission Investigating German Atrocities released here today. The report points out that the Nazis began murdering the Jews almost from the first moment they occupied the country. More than 2,000 were burned to death, in October, 1941, in the… More ▸

  • German Official Arrested in Warsaw for Deporting Jews to Death Camps

    The Lublin radio today reported that a Dr. Rupprecht who was the head of the German administration in the Warsaw district, has been arrested and will be placed on trial as a war criminal, charged with transferring Warsaw Jews into a ghetto and with ordering their eventual deportation to extermination camps More ▸

  • Jewish Women, Liberated from German Camp, Return to Their Homes in Vilna

    The Government of the Lithuanian Soviet Republic today appointed a commission to receive several hundred Jewish women liberated by the Russian Army from the concentration camp which the German established in Torun, Poland, for deported Jewish women. The commission is also to provide the liberated women with clothing, shoes and other necessities. Several hundred of… More ▸

  • Central Committee of Jews in Poland Moves Headquarters from Lublin to Warsaw

    The Central Committee of the Jews of Poland, which is headed by the noted Zionist leader Dr. Emil Sommerstein, will shortly transfer its headquarters to Warsaw, it was announced today. The committee has been functioning in Lublin for several months. Two Jewish partisan leaders, veterans of the battle of the Warsaw ghetto, arrived here this… More ▸

  • Belgian Government Plans to Repatriate 26,000 Jews Deported to German Territory

    Repatriation of 26,000 Belgian Jews believed to be still alive in Germany is included in a plan prepared by the Belgian Government to repatriate 250,000 Belgians from German territory, it was reported here today. It was estimated here that about 200,000 Jews were working in Silesian war factories prior to the Russian advance. It is… More ▸

  • Polish Jews Convert Samarkand into Textile Center; Will Not Return to Poland

    Jews evacuated from Poland into Central Asia in the early months of the war have converted this ancient and colorful city into a textile manufacturing center which can be compared to the Balut section of Lodz which was populated before the war by thousands of Jewish weavers. Many of these Jews are professional weavers from… More ▸

  • Solidarity Between Jews and Poles Stressed by Warsaw Govt. Envoy at Paris Meeting

    The solidarity between Poland and Jews exemplified in the struggle for the liberation of Warsaw will remain the principle of a new Poland in which all Poles and Jews will enjoy full freedom of religion and opinion, Dr. Stefan Jedrychowski, the Warsaw Government’s delegate in France, today told a crowded meeting of the Union of… More ▸