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  • Jewish Children in Poland Repudiate Their Parents; Prefer to Remain Christians

    The Central Jewish Committee here today sent representative to various parts of newly-liberated Polish territory to register the surviving Jews there and to provide immediate relief for them. At the same time, it was revealed here today that some of the Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto who were given shelter by Christians refuse to… More ▸

  • 1,000 Jews Saved by Russian Army in Newly Liberated Polish Towns

    About 1,000 Jews have been found by the advancing Russian Army in Polish territory liberated since the beginning of the present offensive, it was announced today over the Lublin radio. Some Jews from Warsaw arrived here today. They told how 10,000 Jews who were still hiding in Warsaw, after the destruction of the ghetto, participated… More ▸

  • Nazis Left No Jews in Lodz; Fear Fate of Jews in Reich As German Army Retreats

    The Germans left no Jews in the large polish textile center of Lodz when they evacuated the city several days ago, it was reported today by the Berlin correspondent of the Stockholm newspaper Tidningen. There were many thousands of Jews in the Lodz ghetto working in factories which produced clothing for the German Army, the… More ▸

  • Only Few Jews Found in Ruins of Warsaw by Red Army, Lublin Broadcast Reports

    Only a few Jews were found in Warsaw when the Red Army captured the Polish capital on Wednesday, the Lublin radio said today in a Yiddish broadcast. It gave no further details. The broadcast, which marked both the liberation of Warsaw and the second anniversary of the first battle in the ghetto there, reviewed how… More ▸

  • Central Jewish Committee Headed by Sommerstein Named Representative of Polish Jews

    The Central Committee of polish Jews, which is headed by Dr. Emil Sommerstein, a member of the pre-war Polish parliament and Zionist leader, will act as the representative of all Jews in Poland, it was announced today over the Lublin radio. The committee consists of representatives of the Zionists, the Jewish Socialist Bund, the Workers… More ▸

  • Polish Peasants Bringing Hidden Jewish Children to Local Jewish Organizations

    The Central Jewish Relief Committee here today reported that hundreds of Jewish children, sheltered in churches and in the homes of Polish peasants during the German occupation, are being turned over to Jewish communities in the liberated part of Poland where homes for Jewish orphans are being established under the supervision of Jewish leaders. "The… More ▸

  • Polish Jewish Leaders Puzzled over Dropping of Sommerstein by Lublin Government

    Polish Jewish leaders here expressed puzzlement today over the fact that Dr. Emil Sommerstein, Jewish member of the Polish Liberation Committee in Lublin, is not included in the new Provisional Government established there yesterday, composed of members of the Liberation Committee. It was pointed out that members of the Committee who were less important than… More ▸