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  • Facts Behind Warsaw Ghetto Decree Bared by Escaped Leader

    Grim details of the birth of the Warsaw ghetto decree, which the newspaper Le Temps reports today will go into effect on January 1, were related to this correspondent by Dr. Chaim Szoszkes, a Jewish leader who arrived here last week after escaping from the former Polish capital. Dr. Szoszkes, who is now en route… More ▸

  • News Brief

    “The officer then ordered Cherniakoff immediately to form a new community council of 24 members. The functions of this council were to include the taking of a census, in the space of seven days, of all the Jews in Warsaw, including part Jews and converts. This census showed there were 366,000 Jews in the city…. More ▸

  • Priests, Rabbis Targets of Brutal Gestapo Action in Poland

    Reliable information reaching Polish Government circles today said that 25 Catholic priests and a number of rabbis had been taken from their homes by Gestapo officials in the Polish city of Lodz and forced to clean streets. Terrorism against the Catholic and Jewish clergy in Poland has reached the point where priests are afraid to… More ▸

  • 160,000 Jews Saved from Warsaw Chetto by Suspension of Gestapo Edict

    Dr. Chaim Szoszkes, Warsaw Jewish leader, arriving here en route to New York, reported today that 160,000 Jews remained outside the Warsaw ghetto when the Nazi authorities suspended execution of the order for segregation of the city’s half million Jews. Before leaving Warsaw several days ago Dr. Szoszkes was a member of a Jewish delegation… More ▸

  • No Visas Issued in Warsaw, Refugee Reveals

    A Warsaw Jew who reached Paris today stated that the Polish Jews had no thought but to leave Poland, and the Gestapo would probably permit emigration, but no foreign consulates were issuing visas to Jews. In a statement filed with the Federation of Jewish Societies in France, the refugee declared that only two foreign consuls… More ▸

  • Epidemics Cause Indefinite Suspension of Ghetto Order

    Spread of epidemics in Warsaw, it was reported here today, has resulted in indefinite suspension of the order under which the 500,000 Jews were to be concentrated in two narrow sections of the former Polish capital. Jews who have already moved into the ghetto districts, however, will not be allowed to return to their former… More ▸

  • Starvation Menaces Warsaw Jews Held Behind Barbed Wire

    Reports reaching Paris said today that a half million Jews in Warsaw, isolated in a ghetto behind barbed-wire, were dying of slow starvation. Hemmed in by Nazi patrols, Jews watched the food supplies within the ghetto disappear, with no food permitted to enter so far and knowing that to seek food outside the ghetto gates… More ▸

  • Epidemics Spreading in Warsaw; Stay in Execution of Ghetto Edict Reported

    Trustworthy information received here today said that epidemics of typhoid and other diseases were spreading in Warsaw, particularly among the Jews, as a result of congestion, malnutrition and lack of fuel. Enforcement of the ghetto order, under which some 500,000 Jews were to be concentrated in two narrow quarters of the former Polish capital, has… More ▸

  • News Brief

    A Kaunas dispatch to the J.T.A. on Nov. 23 reported a German radio broadcast in which a Nazi army physician said there was a typhus epidemic in Warsaw, that he had treated many of the cases himself and that precautions against spread of the epidemic had motivated the decision to transform Warsaw’s Jewish quarters into… More ▸

  • Starvation Spurs Epidemics in Polish Cities, Gottlieb Reports

    Epidemics of typhus among Jews in Warsaw, Lodz and other localities in Nazi Poland were reported today in a message from Warsaw brought here by Dr. Joshuah Gottlieb, former editor of the Warsaw Yiddish daily Moment, who arrived in Paris en route to Palestine. Declaring that “the epidemics are due chiefly to starvation and exhaustion,”… More ▸