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  • Lodz Jewry Faces Extinction; Confined to Ghetto, Deprived of Livelihood

    The Jewish population of Lodz, second largest Polish city which has been renamed Neu Breslau by the Nazis, is on the verge of extinction. Of the former 230,000 Jews in the city, only half are left and these have been deprived of every means of livelihood. Their general position in many respects is worse than… More ▸

  • No Ghettos in Free Poland, Zaleski Pledges

    Terming the Lublin “reservation” a “devil’s invention, Polish Foreign Minister August Zaleski promised a delegation from the Federation of Polish Jews in France today that it and other ghettos instituted by the Nazis would be dissolved as soon as Polish independence is restored. “The natural opposition of authoritative Jewish leaders to the Lublin ‘reservation’ is… More ▸

  • Four Refugee Streams Converge in Krakow

    New details of the terror, disorder and misery in German-occupied Poland — particularly in Krakow, which has become the converging point for four streams of humanity — were furnished here today by a refugee newly-arrived from the area. Complete disorder reigns in the German zone. The military command, civil authorities and the police rival one… More ▸

  • Nazi Doctor Reports Typhus Epidemic in Warsaw Jewish Quarter

    A typhus epidemic in Warsaw was reported over the German radio last night by a Nazi army physician who said that he had treated many cases of the disease himself in the former Polish capital. The doctor asserted that precautions against spread of the epidemic had motivated the decision to transform Warsaw’s Jewish quarters into… More ▸

  • See “ruins of Warsaw,” Nazis Advertise

    It was learned here today that the Nazi authorities in Warsaw, after segregating the Jews into a ghetto where no visiting foreigner can observe their plight, have decided to admit foreigners to the former Polish capital. Posters carrying the cynical invitation, “Visit the Ruins of Warsaw,” are reported to have been placed by Nazi travel… More ▸

  • ‘reservation’ Used by Nazis to Get Funds from U.S.

    The Daily Herald reports that the Nazi regime is seeking to obtain funds from America by forcing Jews to write to friends citing the fear of removal to the Lublin Jewish “reservation.” “Hitler’s advisers have thought of a method by which the Lublin Jewish ghetto state can be turned into a profitable Nazi venture,” the… More ▸

  • Nazi Paper Warns Germans Not to Share Food with Jews

    Stern measures to punish the sharing of food by Germans with Jews in the Reich are threatened by the Vienna edition of Chancellor Hitler’s Voelkischer Beobachter, chief organ of the Nazi party, copies of which were received today through neutral countries. The paper discusses, in a lengthy article, the question of how Jews still manage… More ▸

  • Barbed Wire Thrown Around Warsaw Ghetto

    It was reported from Warsaw today that the small section of the city marked off by the Nazis as a ghetto has been surrounded with a wire barricade, with no one permitted to enter or leave because of “sanitary reasons.” More ▸

  • 50,000 Evicted in Warsaw; Plunder Unabated

    Reliable advices reaching here from Nazi Poland said today that 50,000 Warsaw Jews have been evicted from their apartments and told of unabated plundering of Jewish homes and rape of Jewish women by Nazi troops. The position of the Jews in Nazi Poland, particularly Warsaw, was stated to be growing worse daily. Jews, especially youths,… More ▸

  • Warsaw Ghetto Decree Forces All Jews into 2 Small Sections of City

    The German authorities in Warsaw have ordered establishment of a ghetto comprising only the smaller part of the Nalewki and Gensia districts in which all the Jews of the city will be confined, it was learned today. Even densely Jewish-populated streets like Leszno, Nowiniarska and Chlodna have been excluded from the ghetto. The Jewish Community… More ▸