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  • Soviet Body Cheers Denunciation of Chetto Benches at Polish School

    G.E.R. Gedye, New York Times correspondent in Moscow, reported today that the Supreme Soviet (Parliament) loudly applauded when a deputy denounce the ghetto benches in Lwow University, a “custon taken over by the Poles from the Soviet moment — Nazi Germany,” as the correspondent put it. According to the Times account, the deputy “told of… More ▸

  • German Repatriates from Baltics Housed in Prague Jews’ Homes

    Large Jewish homes in Prague have been taken over to house Germans repatriated from Baltic countries, it was reported today by the Havas News Agency in a dispatch from Maribor, Yugoslavia. The dispatch added that the former occupants who had not fled were huddled into ghettos. More ▸

  • Ghetto Schools to Be Set Up in Bohemia Moravia

    Six or seven million kronen annually are required for the enlarged Jewish school system to be established in the “Protectorate” in view of the exclusion of Jewish pupils from German schools and their restriction to four per cent in Czech schools. At present Jewish schools, comprising only 19 elementary and 8 high school classes throughout… More ▸

  • Vienna Nazis Lead Pogrom Mob in Bratislava

    The J.T. A. learns from Bratislava that the Jewish pogrom there lasted through the whole of Friday. Saturday and Sunday Aug. 11. 13. Many Jews were injured by the pogromists and many more arrested by the police. The two large synagogues in the city were completely demolished. All the Jewish cafes houses and shops in… More ▸

  • Weizmann Speech to Sound Keynote for Fight on White Paper

    Dr. Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization, arrived here yesterday and tonight was putting the finishing touches on his address which will open the 21st biennial World Zionist Congress next Wednesday night. The speech, which will sound the keynote for a fight against Britain’s Palestine policy, contains severe criticism of the British White… More ▸

  • Report “ghetto” Laws Planned in Bohemia

    Regulations providing for separation of Jews from non-Jews in the social life of the “protectorate” are under consideration by the Bohemian provincial government office, it was reported today by the Prager Abend, organ of Reich Protector Konstatin von Neurath. The projected measures provide separation of Jews and non-Jews in restaurants, cafes, bars, reading rooms and… More ▸