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  • Ben Gurion Warns of Bloodshed

    Warning that imposition of the new British policy on Palestine will result in bloodshed was voiced by Chairman David Ben Gurion of the Jewish Agency in an interview with Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem correspondent of the New York Times, published here today. “The Jews who came to this country on the strength of British pledges… More ▸

  • Foreign Jewish Students Attacked in Bratislava

    A mob of Germans and Slovaks today demolished a building inhabited by foreign Jewish students who were then driven through the streets to the old ghetto. There the streets were barred, the demonstrators shouting: “This is where you belong, dirty Jews!” Police searched houses occupied by Jews, arresting 142 for violating currency regulations. More ▸

  • Warsaw Professors Join Jews in Protesting “ghetto Benches”

    Professors in Warsaw University and other educational institutions today joined Jews in the officially-sanctioned “ghetto benches” on the left side of classrooms in protest against the action of National Democratic students who insisted on maintenance of the segregation, even in the recently-introduced obligatory air defense courses. Jewish students refused to take seats on the left… More ▸

  • Expect Early Resumption of Prague Emigration

    Advices from Prague said today that issuance of emigration permits to Jews will be resumed in a few days, although Jews will not be permitted to enter the Sudetenland districts. The HIAS-ICA Emigration Association will be reopened on Monday under the leadership of Hanna Steiner, president of the Czech branch of the Women’s International Zionist… More ▸

  • Ghetto System to Be Applied in Czech Schools; Drive on Jews is Pressed

    Jewish children will be segregated in classrooms of all elementary and secondary schools of Bohemia-Moravia, it was reliably reported today from Prague as the ousting of Jews from the economic and social life of the Reich “protectorate” spurred Jewish emigration efforts. Intense propaganda is being carried on for a ban on use of swimming pools… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The call to partial mobilization has been enthusiastically answered even by Jews who have just been denaturalized by the Government and others who are slated for loss of citizenship. At the same time, the nationalist press has intensified its agitation against possible entry of Jewish refugees. Curentul warns the Government not to increase Rumanian “ghettos”… More ▸

  • Jews’ Non-cooperation Will Make State Impossible, Wise Holds

    Dr. Stephen S. Wise, first delegate to return from the London conferences, last night told some 2,000 Zionist leaders that Jewish non-cooperation would make it impossible for Britain to establish an independent Palestine state, but he pledged the Jews’ aid to England in the event of war. Speaking at a reception for him and Mrs…. More ▸

  • Jews Will Not Cooperate in Arab State, Wise Asserts on Return from London

    The Jews of Palestine and of the world will not cooperate in the formation of an independent Palestine State as envisioned by Great Britain, Dr. Stephen S. Wise said in a statement today upon his return from the London conferences on the liner Queen Mary. The conference may prove to be another Munich, Dr. Wise… More ▸

  • Gafencu to Seek Joint Polish-rumanian Action on Emigration in Warsaw Talks

    Establishment of a joint policy on Jewish emigration will be sought by Foreign Minister Grigoire Gafencu during the Warsaw conversations on questions affecting Rumania and Poland in the light of the present international situation. Mr. Gafencu, who left for Poland today with the reported major aim of achieving a Polish-Rumanian alliance to resist Hitler’s ambitions… More ▸

  • “ghetto Representation” in Parliament Planned for Rumanian Jews

    A member of the Cabinet told this correspondent today that the Government planned to establish “ghetto representation” for Rumania’s 900,000 Jews as a substitute for the political rights of which they have been deprived, including the right to elect or be elected to Parliament. This right is now accorded only to members of the National… More ▸