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  • Palestine Jews Dismayed, Arabs Jubilant

    News from London that the British Government plans to establish an independent state in Palestine struck the Holy Land like a thunderbolt today, stirring the Arab populace to nation-wide jubilation and calling forth warning from the Jews of resistance to any effort to create a “Jewish ghetto.” Although the Jews had been apprehensive for the… More ▸

  • Jews Ousted from Jewish-founded School

    Fifty years ago two Jewish banker-philanthropists, the brothers Wawelberg, founded the Wawelberg Technical High School, which soon was regarded as one of the finest technical institutes in the city. Today, the director of the Wawelberg school expelled 45 Jewish students because they refused to sit in “ghetto” benches assigned them under Government-backed regulations in force… More ▸

  • Reich Memorandum Proposes Quota Emigration; Loan Seen Needed

    A three-point memorandum defining the German position on the Jewish emigration question and establishing a basis for an orderly exodus of German Jewry over a stipulated period of years has been brought from Berlin by Director George Rublee of the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee and will be communicated to all members of the committee, it was… More ▸

  • Campaign Against “ghetto Benches” Opened in Poland

    A two-week campaign of protest against ghetto regulations in Polish universities was proclaimed today by Jewish labor organizations at the initiative of the Bund, Jewish workers’ party. A conference of Jewish and Polish democratic journalists here decided to issue special publications condemning the regulations, which have been enforced since 1937. Scores of workers’ meetings adopted… More ▸

  • Polish Official Pledges End of “anarchy” in Universities

    Strong measures to end “anarchy” and anti-Semitic disorders in Polish universities were pledged today by Education Minister Swietoslawski. Speaking during a debate in a Parliament budget committee, Dr. Swietoslawski reproached Polish students for failing to resist hooliganism in the universities which he said was debasing their own dignity and the principles of common humanity. “The… More ▸

  • To Resume Talks with Economics Ministry Official

    Following a conference with Field Marshal Goering, Mr. Rublee announced yesterday that he is returning to Berlin early next week to resume the Jewish emigration talks which had been interrupted by the dismissal of Dr. Schacht. Characterizing the talk with Goering as “friendly and helpful,” Mr. Rublee declared the negotiations would be resumed with Ministerial… More ▸

  • Rublee Emigration Talks Collapse As Hitler Ousts Schacht from Reichsbank

    The Rublee negotiations on emigration of Jews collapsed suddenly and apparently permanently today with the sudden removal of Dr. Hjalmar Schacht as president of the Reichsbank and his replacement by Economics Minister Walther Funk. “The development leaves the general situation much worse than before our arrival,” a spokesman close to George Rublee, director of the… More ▸

  • 3 Families Live in “portable” Ghetto

    To make Griefenhagen, Pomerania, 100 per cent “Aryan,” local Nazis bundled the community’s three Jewish families into an abandoned railway coach and rolled them beyond the town limits, it was learned here today. Forbidden to migrate to nearby Stettin, the Jews have been living in their “portable ghetto” since the Nov. 10 pogrom. A curfew… More ▸

  • Czechs Start Census of Jews; Slovakia to Pass Racial Laws, Tiso States

    The authorities today began taking a census of Czech and foreign Jews, reportedly as a preliminary measure to introduction of a law curbing participation of Jews in the nation’s economic life. At the same time, Premier Joseph Tiso of Slovakia, in a statement to the press declared that the Jewish problem was one of the… More ▸

  • Polish Premier Bans “violence, Chicanery” in Fight on Jews; Sejm Hears Protest on Anti-semitism

    The Polish Government is determined to solve the Jewish problem “without violence and chicanery,” Premier Felicjan Skawoj-Skladkowski told the Sejm last night. “The Jewish question must be settled not by force, but by Government collaboration with Jewish emigration associations,” he said. The Premier made the statement in replying to the Jewish Deputy Leib Minzberg, who… More ▸